A number of people with alcohol or drug addiction are “dual diagnosis,” that is, they have a mental health issue that interrelates with their addiction.

Often, this mental health problem is depression, and often, a person suffering from depression tries one, then a second, then even a third antidepressant medication, without getting a lot of relief. But, that doesn’t mean a depression sufferer should just give up.

Instead, good old talk therapy may still be very helpful.

A year-long study of cognitive-behavioral therapy showed the benefits:

Researchers found that people with depression who had not improved despite taking antidepressants were three times more likely to experience a reduction in their depression symptoms if talk therapy was added to their treatment regimen compared with those who continued to take only antidepressants.

It’s still not clear why not all people were helped, if cognitive behavioral therapy is better than other talk therapy, or other factors, but, that’s all going to come up for further study. Nearly 500 people were in this study. Between that, and the length of time, it seems to be statistically significant research.