Here is a collection of videos about LifeRing. Some are “official” (for example, talks given by Martin Nicolaus, LifeRing’s founding leader) and some are “unofficial,” meaning they were created by LifeRing members with content that may occasionally stray a bit from our stated principles. Production values are not always the best on these, but they do provide an excellent way to learn more about LifeRing.

Below are three talks given by Martin Nicolaus, the founding leader of LifeRing and author of the three books we offer. Other videos are available at our LifeRing YouTube site:


Here’s a seven minute video covering the basics of how alcohol affects the brain. It’s simple and straightforward, making up in clarity what it lacks in detail. Here is a talk given my Dr. B.J. Davis entitle “What is Recovery?” Davis, clinical director of the Strategies for Change treatment center in Sacramento, CA. Davis was the keynote speaker at a LifeRing Annual Meeting a few years ago


Below are some videos prepared by members, including a LifeRing convenor in Humboldt, CA. More Humboldt videos are available on YouTube at