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Bylaw Proposal 1

Existing bylaw.
12.6. The Absentee Ballot shall be publicly posted by the Board of Directors within ten days of the close of Congress, and voting shall commence immediately and continue for thirty days past the date of public posting.
Proposed new bylaw.
12.6. The Absentee Ballot shall be publicly posted by the Board of Directors within ten days of the close of Congress, and voting shall commence immediately and continue for fourteen days past the date of public posting.

Nominee List for BOD

Nominee List for the Board of Directors

You may nominate yourself or another person (with their permission, of course) for the Board. Nominations can be made at the Congress, but only by delegates present. Nominations in advance are strongly recommended and should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the Congress by sending an email to

Currently, there are no announced candidates.


Click on a name for more information.


Election Rules


Rules and Regulations for the Election of LifeRing Board Members and Bylaw changes

The Registrar of Voters shall receive and count all votes and ballots, according to the following rules:

  • All the ballots shall first be counted according to the first choices indicated on them and the total number of valid ballots cast for each candidate as first choice determined.
  • If any candidate receives a majority of the first choices, he/she shall be declared elected.
  • If no candidate receives such a majority, the candidate with fewest first-choice ballots to his/her credit shall be declared defeated and his/her ballots shall be transferred each to the candidate marked on it as next choice among the undefeated candidates. Any ballot which indicates no choice among the undefeated candidates shall be set aside as ineffective.
  • If still no candidate has a majority of the effective ballots in his/her credit, the candidate then lowest on the poll shall be declared defeated and his/her ballots transferred similarly to the candidate marked on it as next choice among the undefeated candidates.
  • Lowest candidates shall be declared defeated successively and their ballots transferred in the same way until one candidate is found to have more ballots to his/her credit than all the other undefeated candidates together.
  • As soon as a candidate is found to have a majority of the effective ballots, he/she shall be declared elected.
  • If, when a candidate is to be declared defeated, two or more candidates are tied at the bottom of the poll, that tie shall be settled by counting how many of all the ballots rank each of the two candidates higher, to see which would have won in a head-to-head election.  Any tie not otherwise provided for shall be decided by lot.
  • If a second board member is to be elected from among the same group of candidates, he/she shall be determined by a recount of all the ballots according to the preceding rules, all choices marked for the first candidate elected being disregarded.
  • If more than two board members are to be elected from among the same group of candidates, they shall be determined by further successive recounts of all the ballots according to the same rules.
  • In carrying out such a recount the highest choice marked on each ballot for an unelected candidate shall be treated as the first choice, and so on. All candidates except those previously elected shall be considered in the running until defeated in connection with the particular recount which is in progress.
  • Whenever more than one board member is to be chosen from among the same group of candidates at the same election, the candidate first elected shall serve for the longest term, the candidate next elected shall serve for the term which is next to the longest, and so on.


Guidelines for the Campaign and Election Behavior.

  • All campaign and election activity should take place outside of sobriety support meetings or venues. Candidates or advocates may ask the convenor’s permission for time to speak or post outside of the specific meeting time. In certain venues, the candidate or advocate will be self-policing.
  • If questions arise in a sobriety meeting venue regarding a LifeRing political issue, the questioner should be directed to where they can get the answer outside of the meeting arena or asked to wait for the answer outside of the meeting time.
  • All candidates and advocates should be intimately familiar with LifeRing’s general “Terms of Use” policy and use these terms as the boundaries within which to operate.
  • Candidates and advocates should be constantly aware that even a subtle representation of their qualifications, experience, and goals are unwelcome to many of our members within the sobriety support space.
  • Exercise the “Sobriety Priority” when campaigning or advocating. If there are sobriety issues present, the sobriety issue always trumps any other issue.
  • Please make an attempt to limit statements to under 500 words. (readers may get bored beyond that limit anyway)
  • The LifeRing Convenors email list is for issues regarding convenor questions only. Campaign statements and activity should only take place on the Nominee List for Board of Directors page or the Proposed Bylaw Changes page. Whichever is appropriate.
  • If anyone has any questions regarding the registration process or the absentee voting proposal, please email your questions to the Registrar of Voters at or call the LifeRing Service Center at 1.800.811.4142.
  • Have fun!


Voting Method

The election for filling three seats on the LifeRing Board of Directors will be conducted using an Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system. The board has decided to use this system to ensure that all winners had majority support, as opposed to the plurality system that most of us are more familiar with.  With this system, each delegate to the Congress will assign a ranking to each candidate, with the top choice listed as 1 and, in a field of five, the bottom choice a number 5.

Here is a graphic that explains how the votes are then counted:

Election Flow Chart

Eligibility for BOD Nominees

Eligibility Determination of BOD Nominees

If you are nominated by a delegate or decide to run on your own for an open seat, you will need to meet the Requirements listed, adhere to the Commitments Letter, and provide the following Personal Information to the Registrar of Voters ( at or before the start of Congress.


  • You must be a person in recovery from substance addiction.
  • You must be a member of LifeRing Secular Recovery.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must have abstained from alcohol and illicit or nonmedically indicated drugs continuously for at least two years prior to commencing service.


Commitment Letter

You agree to abide by these conditions if elected to the Board of Directors

Time Commitment

  • As a Board Member, you will have to participate in our monthly Board meetings, which are usually held by conference call on the second Sunday of each month and last about ninety minutes. Please take the time to prepare for these meetings by reading any document sent to you prior to each meeting.
  • We encourage you to take on one of the Officer positions (such as Secretary or Treasurer) or any other of the administrative positions, since all work at all levels, except for our part-time office administer, is done by volunteers.
  • We expect that you would be active in the organization in other ways as well, by starting a LifeRing meeting in your area, helping to convene existing ones, or by serving as a local, regional, or on-line coordinator. Alternatively, you could serve on one of our committees for fundraising, website planning, conferences, annual meeting planning and/or presentations.
  • Five to six hours of your time per month should suffice to meet these obligations. However, you are more than welcome to build your commitment as your situation allows.
  • You are strongly recommended to attend the Annual Meeting. This meeting is a weekend event that traditionally alternates between a San Francisco Bay Area location one year and a location in the greater United States or Canada during the alternate year.

Fund Raising

  • Make an annual gift to LifeRing according to your personal means, and with the realization that the leadership role the Board plays in fund development.
  • Assist the Board with the development and implementation of fund development strategies.
  • Make board service one of you’re giving and serving priorities for the year.

Electronic Communications

  • Communication is crucial to a well-run organization.
  • LifeRing, because of costs and the diverse location of board members, relies on emails communication between monthly meetings to get the work done. As a result, we request that you, as a board member, make a conscious and routine effort to check your board email every day and respond to it in a prompt and professional manner.
  • To help with LifeRing communications, each board member will be given a LifeRing email address. All Board communication will use this LifeRing email address. Please integrate this email address into your primary email client for easier access and communication.

Personal Commitment

  • LifeRing Board Members not only represent the organization and what it stands for but are also exemplars for other people in recovery who come to LifeRing for help and support. Members of the Board of Directors must themselves be in recovery and have at least two years of sobriety at the beginning of their term.  Board Members who do not remain sober automatically resign their positions.
  • Unless there is a compelling reason agreed to by the rest of the Board to the contrary, your name and your LifeRing email address (see “Electronic Communications” above) will be published on our website, and your name and short biography may be included in grant applications that we submit to organizations or individual grant givers.


 End of Commitment Letter


Personal Information needed:

  • First and Last Name (posted on the website)
  • Address (City and State/Provence information will be posted on the website)
  • Telephone number (not posted on the website)
  • Email address (not posted on the website)
  • Length of time sober (posted on the website)
  • Personal Statement – why do you want to be on the Board of Directors, what talents and abilities will you bring to the Board (posted on the website)
  • Headshot photo (optional) (posted on the website)
  • Resume or curriculum vitae (optional) (posted on the website)


Please forward this information to the to the Registrar of Voters ( or by postal mail (LifeRing address listed in the footer) at your earliest convenience.

Note: Your Name, City and State/Provence, Photo, Length of time sober, Personal Statement, and Resume/CV will be posted on the website. Your other personal information will not be available for public viewing.

Annual LifeRing Meeting

Please join us at Rocky Mountain Crosstalk, the 2018 Annual LifeRing Secular Recovery Meeting on June 2-3, 2018

Tears-McFarlane House, Denver, Colorado

Our keynote speaker, Sarah E. Zemore, PhD, is a national expert in the psychological and social aspects of substance use disorder treatment and recovery, as well as alternatives to professional treatment including mutual help groups and peer-based approaches. She will provide an update to her research 12-Step Alternatives and Recovery Outcomes in a Large, National Study on Saturday.

Marketing LifeRing: From Strategy to Tactics for responsible growth will be covered on Sunday. Other workshop topics include, Learning: Convener Connections and Development, and Relationships: Outreach to Public and Addiction Professionals.

If you are interested in attending but could not due to financial reasons, please email a brief description of your LifeRing experience to as there are limited travel subsidies available.

There are also many Colorado LifeRing Members who are opening their homes to welcome out of town LifeRing members to stay with them in lieu of getting hotel rooms. Rides to and from the airport will also be arranged. If interested please email

Look forward to connecting with you there!