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The Annual LifeRing Conference is Fast Approaching!

It’s time to get serious about planning to attend the LifeRing Annual Conference! It will be held from May 30 through June 1 in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. Hotels and motels fill up this time of year, so book now!


santa rosa

On Friday, the schedule contains a convenor workshop, a discussion of growing LifeRing, and a “LifeRing Selfie Festival” at the end of the day. It will take place at the Arlene Francis Center, 99 Sixth St, at the corner of Sixth and Wilson Streets. Sunday events, also at the Arlene Francis Center, include the annual LifeRing Congress of Delegates, a Board workshop and Board meeting. All LifeRing members are invited to attend, of course.

arlene francis center

Arlene Francis Center, Santa Rosa, CA

Saturday’s events, the heart of the annual gathering, will be held at the Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa. Saturday will feature a roster of speakers that is still being finalized — it will be announced soon.  The Saturday evening banquet will also be held at the Glaser Center.

We will be posting material about the details of the Conference soon on this website and in the blog.  Stay tuned. but reserve that weekend for LifeRing Secular Recovery as we try to turn the fabled “Wine Country” into the “Sobriety Country!”

Admission to the conference carries a suggested donation of $30, $10 for students. It’s a donation, not a fee, so nobody will be turned away. The Saturday evening banquet does have a fee — $26.


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Buy a T-Shirt and Support LifeRing

Byron Kerr, a very active LifeRing founder of new meetings and newly chosen Board of Directors member, has launched a fund raising campaign for LifeRing offering tshirts on a website called See the link Here By clicking on the link, people can order their own shirts and the proceeds will come to the LifeRing Service Center. The deadline for this fundraiser event is January 3, 2014. Here’s the shirt design:


How much does a ‘label’ matter in getting help?

Dr. John Kelly

By “label,” I’m talking about what we, what society, and what the treatment industry calls someone who has an alcohol or drugs problem.

Often, that label is “substance abuser,” a labeling that Harvard’s Dr. John Kelly, an associate professor of psychology, said can be harmful indeed.

He says that label adds to stigmatization of people with an addiction, not just in society in general but among people at the Ph.D. level of study in psychology or related disciplines, including people planning on entering addiction counseling and substance abuse treatment work.

At a White House meeting, Kelly specifically told the federal “drug abuse czar” that, from the top down, the country’s frontline people in dealing with addiction need to work on changing their labeling vocabulary.

Dr. B.J. Davis Talk on “What is Recovery?”

A few years ago, Dr. B.J. Davis, clinical director of Strategies for Change, a Sacramento, CA, treatment facility, gave a talk to a LifeRing gathering. Davis is a fine motivational speaker among other accomplishments and has some important things to say about recovery. I’ve placed the talk on our video page, but thought I’d share it here, as well:

LifeRing is present at Treatment Professionals’ Annual Conference

LRfourLifeRing board member Jeff K. submitted the following report about his attendance at the annual CAADAC conference in Sacramento:

The 2013 Annual Conference of the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors was held in Sacramento earlier in October and LifeRing was there!  As in several past years, we set up a table in the Exhibit Hall, with flyers, newsletters, and books on display, as well as the all-important basket of Lifesaver candies to lure counselors to stop by and talk to us about recovery and about LifeRing. We had countless dozens of visitors, and interestingly most had heard of LifeRing already!  Talking with folks, it became clear that a large hole in our meeting list is Southern California, and while online support reaches everywhere, it would be beneficial for all to see growth of face-to-face LifeRing meetings in this region.  Many thanks to Bob and Jeff for paying for and manning the table, Carola for printing up stacks of (very popular!) LifeRing newsletters, and Robert for putting together the box of flyers and books!  Donations of time and money like these, to reach out to professionals and get the word out, are what keeps LifeRing going and growing. –JeffK