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National Alcohol Screening Day

Today, April 7, 2011, is National Alcohol Screening Day in the United States. The event encourages people who use alcohol to consider their personal drinking patterns to determine if they have an alcohol use problem. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that, in 2009, 19.3 million individuals needed treatment for alcohol.

A new report, released today by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that only 1.2 percent of the nation’s more than 7.4 million adults with an untreated alcohol abuse disorder perceive they could benefit from treatment. The report highlights the need to raise awareness about adult problem drinking, how to identify when someone has a problem, and how to encourage a problem drinker to get help.

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LifeRing Canada’s Leader, Michael Walsh, Speaks at IdeaWave Conference

LifeRing Canada’s Executive Director Michael Walsh was a speaker yesterday, Feb. 25, at Victoria’s innovative IdeaWave Conference, a five day gathering in which dozens of speakers give ten minute presentations on a wide variety of topics, from Mideast peace to solar power, and from “Modernizing the B.C. [British Columbia] liquor system” to Michael’s presentation on Restorative Justice and its potential for helping those in recovery. His talk, for which he teamed up with Gillian Lindquist, the Coordinator for the Victoria Restorative Justice Society, dealt with this question: “when in active addiction, a person can inflict devastating harm on their families and within their communities. When in recovery, how can the “offender” repair these harms in a meaningful way? Can Circles, a restorative process, be used for ‘making amends?'” The IdeaWave conference is modeled after the TED conferences which are held throughout the world.

Dollar-a-Sober-Month Fundraiser for LifeRing

Kathleen G., in Denver, Colorado, has suggested that the LifeRing members there contribute one dollar to LifeRing for every month they’ve been clean-and-sober. It’s such a good idea, all LifeRingers should consider joining the effort.

Kathleen writes:

“A year or so ago, Tom J. had a fundraising idea for Denver’s LifeRing community: what if everyone gave $1 for every month of sobriety they have? Strange that he should be the one to have this idea, given that he has been sober for 36 years. Ka-ching!”

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Report on CAADAC

Ed D. has submitted a report to the LifeRing Board of Directors about his recent experience heading LifeRing’s participation as an exhibitor at the CAADAC conference in Southern California. Here’s his report (slightly edited):

CAADAC Annual Conference, 2010 (Marriott Hotel, Irvine, CA)

Lifering continued its tradition of sponsoring an “Exhibitors Booth” at the CAADAC (California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors) Annual Convention in Irvine, CA. The total number of convention participants was about 500 (350 licensed addiction counselors and 150 students in-training to be certified as drug abuse counselors). It’s my impression that CAADAC certified addiction counselors provide the lion’s share of patient care in the 100’s of residential treatment centers and 1000’s of aftercare programs in California. Their responsibilities include leading process groups and individual counseling sessions. They may also be in private practice with limited scope. In California Lifering involvement in CAADAC events and activities probably provides our “best bang for the buck”.

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Upcoming Event in Victoria, Canada

Michael W., Executive Director of LifeRing Canada, writes to say: “We are attending a really neat event on October 7th where we will be setting up a table. It is called Community Services Networking & Information Fair and it is only for professionals in the field of Mental Health and Addiction Services. It is very well attended and an excellent resource to those who work in the field. ” Here’s a poster for the event.

Former LifeRing CEO Martin Nicolaus will be in Victoria during that time and will be attending the event.