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LifeRing Canada Moving Forward

Things are hopping in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Martin Nicolaus, a founder of LifeRing and its leader from the beginning until this past summer, will be visiting Victoria from Oct. 4th – 7th for a series of events, including a lecture at the University of Victoria, and meetings with a number of addiction professionals, politicians and others.

LifeRing Canada, the officially chartered LifeRing organization overseeing the group’s efforts in Canada, is sponsoring the visit and has worked tirelessly to prepare for it.

Michael Walsh, Executive Director of LifeRing Canada, has been very successful in marketing LifeRing on Vancouver Island, where Victoria — the capital of the province of British Columbia — is located. Here is a Public Service Announcement that has been running on television there. It was prepared by the television station with no cost to LifeRing and will run at least 80 times in the Victoria area.

LifeRing to Participate in National Recovery Month

September 2010 will be the 21st annual Recovery Month ( observance by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). Recovery Month serves to educate the public on how alcohol and drug addiction is a national health issue, a treatable illness, and that recovery is possible.

This will be the first year that LifeRing has actively participated in Recovery Month.  So far, we are participating in 10 cities and 13 major community events across the nation. You can view the list of events in which LifeRing will be participating at

Thanks to all those who have agreed to coordinate and staff events in each city, and to LifeRing Recovery Month Committee Co-Chairs Lynn Cullens and Liz Gibson, Outreach Coordinator Kathleen G., and Northeast Regional Representative Mona H., who have been working hard to prepare.

Please consider donating your time as a volunteer or organizer in your local area, or donating funding for printing LifeRing brochures and flyers.  See more about how you can contribute, at or email or phone 916-606-1610 to volunteer, make a donation, or simply get more information.

Warm welcome for Craig W. to Bay Area

This homemade quiche with “WELCOME CRAIG” spelled out in a red pepper font symbolized the warm welcome local  LifeRing participants extended Sunday evening to Craig Whalley, the new Executive Director of LifeRing, who has moved to Berkeley from Port Angeles WA.     LifeRing participants from as far away as Sacramento took part.   San Francisco LifeRing participant Shauna W. baked and decorated the quiche. 

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LifeRing in Ireland Celebrates First Year

By Dennis S., Dublin

LifeRing Ireland is celebrating its first year of existence in August of 2010. We accomplished much during this year period. What was done is extraordinary and much of the credit belongs to the meeting convenors and their tireless efforts.

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Message to LifeRing Canada members

Hey everyone,

We are gauging interest and presently thinking about initiating a weekly telephone and/or Skype meeting for people that do not have access to face-to-face meetings in Canada.

The telephone meetings are working well in the USA. Basically, a Convenor sets up the conference-call, then everyone dials in to a certain toll-free number, enters a code for the meeting and away you go. The participant has to pay the long distance charge, but that is pretty cheap these days.

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