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Denver Diary, by Craig Whalley

[Reposted from the LSRSafe email list by permission]

Day Minus One

After 4 hours on a bus, 3 hours sitting at the airport and a 2 hour flight, I arrived in Denver for the 2010 LifeRing Expo.

I came a day early, partly reflecting my relatively new status as a footloose semi-retiree, and partly so I could attend a regular f2f LifeRing meeting, something I’ve never done in all my years with LifeRing online. I met Shauna, erstwhile LifeRinger who flew in from San Francisco at about the same time, at the Denver airport and she rented a car and drove us to the 6 p.m. meeting.

Online has always worked very well for me.

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New Lineup at LifeRing

The recently concluded 2010 LifeRing Expo in Denver brought some new faces to the Board of Directors and LifeRing leadership.

The biggest change was the retirement of Marty N., the group’s founder and CEO for the past 13 years. Marty isn’t disappearing, but he will be moving away from day-to-day leadership.

He’ll be replaced, on an interim basis, by Craig W., who was named Executive Director, a title which replaces the ‘CEO’ designation. Craig has been involved with LifeRing since 2000, and served previously on the Board of Directors.

Craig was also one of three new Board members elected at the Denver meeting. The other two were Tom J., from Denver, and Joe M., from San Francisco. They join Carola Z., Lauretta M, Dru B., Kathleen G., Andy R. and Robert B. on the LifeRing Board of Directors.

Amendments to the LifeRing by-laws adopted unanimously by the delegates led to the appointment by the Board of Kathleen G. as Outreach Coordinator, whose job will be to provide support for the establishment of new meetings and the maintaining of existing ones. Helping Kathleen in that task will be newly appointed Regional Representatives: Steve S. for Online, Mona H. for the Northeastern U.S., Njon W. for the Bay Area of California and Bob O. for Greater California. In addition to support for meetings, the Regional Representatives will try to improve communication between the Board and Service Center on one end and the convenors and meetings on the other.

Rounding out the leadership are Robert S., continuing as Treasurer, and Tim R., the new Secretary.

— Craig Whalley


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