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Buy a T-Shirt and Support LifeRing

Byron Kerr, a very active LifeRing founder of new meetings and newly chosen Board of Directors member, has launched a fund raising campaign for LifeRing offering tshirts on a website called Tfund.com. See the link Here http://www.tfund.com/LifeRingSR. By clicking on the link, people can order their own shirts and the proceeds will come to the LifeRing Service Center. The deadline for this fundraiser event is January 3, 2014. Here’s the shirt design:


Revised Mission Statement Adopted

Mission statementThe LifeRing Board of Directors, at its regular monthly meeting on 9/8/2013, adopted a revised Mission Statement. It’s not a major departure from the older one, but was felt to be more smoothly worded and clearer. The new statement reads as follows:

LifeRing  is  an  abstinence-­‐based,  worldwide  network  of  people  living  in  recovery  from  addiction  to  alcohol  or  to  other,  non-­‐medically  indicated  drugs.    In  LifeRing,  we  offer  each  other  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  support  in  ways  that  encourage  personal  growth  and  continued  learning  through  personal  empowerment.    Our  approach  is  based  on  developing,  refining,  and  sharing  our  own  strategies  for  continued  abstinence  and  crafting  a  rewarding  life  in  recovery.    In  short,  we  are  sober,  secular,  and  self-­‐empowered.

Mission Statements are important for providing a succint  yet broadly descriptive summation of the group’s purpose. It will be useful in future grant applications.


LifeRing Member Survey

surveyIf you are or have been involved with LifeRing, even just recently, we’d like to have you answer some questions in a Survey we’re doing. The answers you give won’t be identifable as yours; the purpose is to help us plan for the future growth of LifeRing. We want to find out what works and what doesn’t along with some general information about our membership (again, in general, not anything traceable to you as an individual). The survey is important to us and we need to get as many responses from members as possible. (A LifeRing “member” is anyone who participates by attending, or having attended in the past, meetings in-person or online.) You’ll find the survey by going here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LifeRing-Survey. Thanks for your help!

— Craig Whalley, Chairman of the Board


LifeRing Officers Re-elected Unanimously by Board; New Office Added

electionThe LifeRing Board of Directors met on July 14 , 2013, and held elections for officers to serve for the next year. The existing officers were all unanimously re-elected to continue in their roles, with Tim Reith as Secretary, Carola Ziermann as Treasurer, Craig Whalley as Chairman and Robert Stump as Executive Director. The Board voted to create a new position — Deputy Executive Director — and elected Mahala Kephart, a new member of the Board, to fill that role. Stump, the current Executive Director, is not a member of the Board — LifeRing officers need not be Directors — but the others are all members.

The meeting also brought the final certification of the recent election of four members of the Board, including Kephart and Reith along with Joe Mott, who won re-election to his seat, and Jeff Koch, who is new to the Board.

In addition, the board discussed the framework for a Strategic Plan, and agreed on the need to identify a pool of members who can be tapped for specific tasks that arise on occasion, often exceeding the time, energy and skills of board members.



LifeRing Board of Directors Election Results

election results

The full breakdown of votes and results can now be seen below

The numbers have been counted and re-counted and the final results are in on the 2013 election for Board of Directors. Four of the nine board seats were up this year — three are up every year and one seat was vacant and need re-filling. There were five candidates for the four seats. The winners were incumbents Tim Reith and Joe Mott, who were re-elected, and Mahaka Kephart, who will replace Kathleen Gargan who chose not to run for reelection, and Jeff Koch, who will fill the remaining two years in the seat vacated by Troy Spears. Bob Omohundro ran a spirited campaign but finished last.

The election was the first under a bylaw change that requires voting for board members and bylaw changes by elected delegates from each LifeRing meeting by absentee ballot. In the past, those decisions were made at the Annual LifeRing Congress by just those delegates who attended. The election campaign was fairly smooth with much learned that will be applied next year.

An amendment to the LifeRing bylaws — very much a non-controversial “house-keeping” change to increase the quorum for board meetings from 4 to 5 — passed easily.

A break-down of results will be posted very soon after some final tweaking. In order to make the voting process simpler, we used ‘ranked choice voting’ which requires a somewhat complex spreadsheet of results. It will be posted on the website as soon as it’s available.


 The raw voting data in a spreadsheet format is posted here. (Thanks to Tim R.)

A summary report of this raw data is posted here  (Thanks to Tim R.)