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Canadian University of Victoria Survey for Peer-Support Groups for Alcohol

A group of researchers from Canada, led by Dr. Frederick Grouzet
(Associate professor of psychology at the University of Victoria) in
collaboration with Tyler Carey (Graduate Student), are currently
conducting a survey on peer-support groups for problematic alcohol use,
called “Sober Together.” They are inviting people (who are currently
attending or have formerly attended peer-support groups) to complete a
very brief online survey. The responses to the survey are kept
confidential and analyzed anonymously. This research has been reviewed and
approved by the University of Victoria Human Research Ethics Board. If you
are interested in helping them to better understand the role of
peer-support groups in recovery from problematic alcohol use, please use
the following information:


Invitation Code: SOBER2DAY

LifeRing has reviewed and approved this survey and we encourage everyone
who has had experience with peer-support groups to complete the survey.


New Developments in the LifeRing Election Contest

There are now four seats open on the LifeRing Board of Directors. Troy Spears, a Modesto, CA, member. has announced his decision to step down from the BOD before the end of his term. This means that the current five candidates will be vying for four seats in the election that begins at the LifeRing Congress on June 2 in Denver. The fourth place finisher will serve out the rest of Troy’s term while the top three take the three full-term spots. Others may, of course, enter the race. We strongly urge anyone still considering running to let the Service Center know that they’re interested by May 15 — an email to will suffice nicely and the office will respond with a simple form to fill out giving very basic information so that we know how to contact you.

We have a page on this website for use by candidates to make clear why they’re running and for interested members to make comments or ask questions. Four candidates are using the pages, which can be accessed at Those four are Mahala Kephart, Jeff Koch, Joe Mott and Tim Reith. The other announced candidate, Bob Omohundro, has opted not to have his own page at this time but has been posting comments on the pages of the other candidates.

We’re having some technical problems with the comment system, so please bear with us — if your comment disappears into the ether, send a copy to and he’ll be sure it gets posted ASAP


LifeRing Candidates, Members Invited to Share Views

election centralA page on this website has been created for candidates and members to give their view on the upcoming election for three Board Of Director seats. It is hoped that each candidate will submit a comment on that page giving what they consider their qualifications and relevant experience, or anything else they consider appropriate. And all members are invited to give their views and preferences. It is hoped that a degree of civility will be maintained.

So far, there are five announced candidates for the three open positions. Unofficially (the list of candidates could change before it is firmly set), the candidates are, in alphabetical order: Mahala K., Jeff K., Joe M., Bob O., and Tim R. Board members usually use their full names in public, but candidates are not required to do so. If candidates would like a snapshot to accompany their initial introduction, that can be arranged (I think).

So all are urged to check LifeRing Election Central to read about the candidates

Kathleen’s LifeRing Travel Adventure

kathleenLifeRing Board member and former Executive Director Kathleen Gargan only recently returned from a lengthy stay in Europe, While there, she visited several LifeRing meetings in Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, talked to supporters in the United Kingdom and even held informal LifeRing meetings in a Paris coffee shop. Kathleen was kind enough t0o write up a report about her European adventures which is now posted to this website. See it HERE

Absentee Voting Plan to be Introduced to LifeRing

absentee votingFor the past several months, a committee of the LifeRing Board of Directors has been working on a plan to bring more democracy to LifeRing. Starting at the 2013 Annual Meeting, in Denver from May 31 to June 2, we hope to implement a plan to allow absentee voting on elections to the BOD and proposed changes in the organization’s bylaws. As before, each LifeRing meeting will be entitled to choose a delegate to the annual LifeRing Congress. Until now, those delegates could only vote on things if they attended the Annual Meeting. From now on, though, we plan to have a system in place to allow delegates to have a vote, whether they attend or not. Our hope is that in addition to making LifeRing more democratic, this change will bring with it more interest and involvement in organization-wide matters.

Developing the logistics of the plan has not been particularly easy — there are all sorts of complications in setting up procedures that will be smooth, timely and easily understood. The committee is now ready to present its plan to the BOD and to the membership. You can read about some of the details of the plan HERE.