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Recovery on campus – a hot issue

The New York Times has a good story about sobriety recovery in the college world and what colleges and universities are doing to try to help college age alcoholics and addicts.

One takeaway? As counselor B.J. Davis mentioned at a Lifering Congress a few years ago … enjoying life early in sobriety is important in general. It has to be at the college lifestyle level, as a counselor at Rutgers points out on page 2. The story mentions specific ways to do that sober fun in college.

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Meet the New LifeRing Office Administrator, Robert Stump

As of the first of the new year, LifeRing’s Oakland office is being overseen by Robert Stump, already known to many in the organization for his years of service. Robert is currently the group’s Treasurer — a position he’ll hand-off soon — and also has given much time and knowledge to dealing with our computer systems. Robert’s day job as a construction estimator has been impacted by the recession so he has the time free for now for taking on the new position.

All who dealt with her will miss Rachaell Castro, the departing administrator. Rachaell gave some two years of service and brought much sparkle and intelligence to the job. She’ll be missed.

With Robert on board, the office hours will change. The new hours are 12-3 p.m., PST, Monday through Thursday, and 9-3:30 on Fridays. As always, visitors to the office should call ahead rather than just dropping by. In addition, LifeRing board chair Craig Whalley is in the habit of working at the office for an hour or two starting at 9 a.m. each weekday except Wednesday.


LifeRing’s Office Hours a bit Uncertain in December

As happens in many places this time of the year, our office hours will be a bit irregular for the rest of this month. Definitely call before you drop by. We’ll keep up with messages, but you may not get an actual person on the phone. Our system is set up to forward most calls, when the office is empty, to a cell phone which will either by answered or will allow you to leave a message. Be patient — after the office phone rings there’s a pause while the system transfers the call to the cell phone. Don’t hang up! Your message, as they say, is important to us.

New LifeRing Website in Ireland

LifeRing Ireland has gone through some changes in the past several months and now have a new website. is now up, replacing the old liferingireland site. It shares a design, and some content, with the site. The new site has a very nice look to it and may provide some ideas for this site, which is pondering some changes in design to make it more useful.

LifeRing to Begin a Year-long Planning Process

The LifeRing Board of Directors has voted to begin a year-long planning process aimed at strengthening the organization and bringing it to a higher level of efficiency and productivity. The board voted to adopt a “Framework” for planning as suggested by Lynn C., who was also named Planning Coordinator, a new position. The framework is a plan for building a plan and does not set goals and objectives for the group’s future. Lynn has extensive experience both in planning and in working with non-profits. She has been very active in LifeRing’s efforts in Sacramento, CA.

The framework and a related document, a Rationale, are available to read HERE. You can also sign up there to be involved in the planning process. It is hoped, though not certain, that the final plan will be ready to present to the membership at the 2012 Annual Meeting.