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Meet LifeRing’s new Executive Director, Kathleen Gargan

The recently concluded LifeRing Annual Meeting saw the Board of Directors electing a new Executive Director for our organization. Kathleen Gargan, the driving force behind LifeRing Colorado’s rapid growth in recent years, takes over the top spot from Craig Whalley, who just completed a year in the post. Craig asked to be relieved from some of his responsibilities, finding them a bit too stressful. He will, however, continue as Chairman of the Board and will still do much of the day-to-day work. Kathleen, who lives in Denver, will be the third person to hold the leadership role after founding C.E.O. Martin Nicolaus and his successor, Craig.

Kathleen wrote a brief introduction of herself for those who don’t know her:

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Lifering Online – an overview

Lifering has six main online venues. And, they’re not just for “online only” Lifering members or convenors.

Counting this, Lifering’s homepage, as a venue, we also have the Delphi Forum, Lifering’s email groups, Lifering’s Ning social networking site, Lifering’s meeting and chat room, Lifering’s social media presence with Twitter and Facebook accounts, and Lifering’s home page.

If you’d like to learn more about these venues, or, if you want to reach out beyond the Lifering world and show others what is available with Lifering online, this PowerPoint presentation may be of help. (If the PowerPoint is unusable for some reason, there is also this Open Office version.

LifeRing Advances in Sweden

Lars B. reports from Sweden that there has been steady progress in the growth of LifeRing there. There are now 3 meetings in Sweden, split between Stockholm and Malmo. Delegates from the meetings recently met in the first national gathering to discuss strengthening LifeRing Sweden with a website and perhaps start having online chat meetings.

Tweet, Tweet! LifeRing is on Twitter!

Even if you have assiduously avoided learning anything about Twitter, the wildly popular vehicle for sending brief updates about the important developments in your life (“PB&J for lunch again today. OMG – bread so stale!”) you’ll want to sign up for LifeRing’s Twitter messages. Get a peek and sign up HERE .

Help us Update “How Was Your Week”

Here is a new way to help LifeRing move forward: help in the re-writing and editing of one of our most important publications — “How Was Your Week? Bringing People Together in Recovery the LifeRing Way, a Handbook.” The author is Martin Nicolaus, a leading founder and longtime CEO of LifeRing Secular Recovery.

As we wrote elsewhere on this website, “How Was Your Week? is a handbook for the core members of the LifeRing network: the people who start and lead LifeRing meetings, or perform other services that keep the organization humming.  To ‘convene’ means to bring people together.   Bringing people together in recovery the LifeRing way is what LifeRing meeting facilitators do, which is why they are known in the organization as ‘convenors.’”

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