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Coming Up On the Blog Tomorrow…

Part two of “Bodies In Motion” – how things changed, changed, and changed some more as I embraced sobriety (and I’m ratting myself out here so that I will actually POST it) 🙂 .

In the meantime, some food for thought for today:

Once You Make A Decision...


Pain Killers

Opiate addiction What can one say about the painkiller epidemic in this country? One has the sense that it’s really  not all media-driven hysterics, that there’s something to it based on their own anecdotal evidence. It’s  been reported (although never confirmed), for example, that pain medication was the initial downfall of gifted actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. After a glorious 20+ years of being clean and sober, he had some  sort of painful injury and started taking medically prescribed opiates, and then, like a lot of others when  the addiction embers were burning but the fuel supply ran out, turned around and poured gasoline on the  whole damned thing when he got back on heroin. We know the rest of his tragic story.

I have members of my own family who’ve struggled with opiate addiction, one of whom was spending hundreds of dollars a month they didn’t have to buy the pills on the street they couldn’t get from any more of their physicians, and one who, like too many others, turned to heroin at a certain point because it’s far cheaper, easier to get and does a masterful job. Several friends of mine have seen the same things happening to their family members, some of whom are still using. Others are mercifully clean. One young woman, barely into her 20’s and full of the promise of a life well-lived, is no longer with us, her bewildered loved ones left behind with longed for memories of better days mingling with interminable grief.

A lot of people felt it seemed ridiculous to be so upset over Hoffman’s overdose death in light of the fact that he was just one of many who’d suffered the same fate, but then again, just as many of them thought he’d made the “choice” to end up the way he did, so hey – he got what he wanted/asked for.

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Taking the Leap

I had a therapist for a while who told me he just wanted me to “leap into life” while I wanted him to help me negotiate my painful tentativeness. Suffice it to say, I had no idea what he was talking about until years later when I finally took the plunge into sobriety and for the first time in my life, understood what the phrase “The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step” means.

But, whew – what a doozy! Here’s a great comic that illustrates perfectly the point of lift-off for so many of us:


Keeper of the Month – June

Lifering’s e-mail groups are active, thriving communities of people who use them as strong sources of sobriety support, and many members often post remarkably written sources of inspiration, hope and encouragement that many other group members call “Keepers” – posts that they save for themselves so they can go back and look at them as often as they like.

We here at LifeRing like sharing these posts, with the authors’ permission, on our Blog so that everyone can enjoy them as much as our group members do.


This month’s post, from a discussion regarding the possibility of moderation, is contributed by group member Chris C.:

When I was in rehab my counselor asked me if my wife drank. When I replied in the affirmative, she asked if my wife was an alcoholic. When I replied in the negative, she asked why not? This is the story I told:

As a rule, I am not a white wine drinker. My wife is, though, and we always have a couple of bottles in the fridge. My wife opens a bottle of white wine and pours herself a glass. She sips on it for a couple hours. When she finishes the first glass, she’s usually done. If she pours a second, almost inevitably, she takes a couple sips, decides she didn’t want a second glass after all, and pours the rest back in the bottle. She corks it and puts it back in the fridge. She promptly forgets about it. She might use some of it in cooking, but by the time she decides to pour another glass from that bottle, one of two other things has happened. It’s either turned to vinegar or, despite the fact I am not a white wine drinker, it’s gone because I drank it.



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I ran across an ad online the other day that still has me shaking my head and chuckling under my breath a little. I guess since I’ve been posting about sobriety a little more these days Google Ads thought I’d be most interested in seeing it, and now they’re following me around everywhere online I go (and to think – all I needed was these babies, and for a mere $480.00, I’d have been home free)!

I suppose even though they’re likely not meant for my, ahem, demographic, and although I do find it interesting they’re meant for women in general (and by “in general”, I mean I imagine they were designed for the terminally hip, upwardly mobile hungover woman to wear on her way to the office, or on a date night, or her kid’s Saturday morning soccer game, or whatever, after a particularly rough night with white wine), suffice it otherwise to say…

I don’t get it, but still, I had to share.

'Sobriety' Sunglasses