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Create Your Own Miracle – A LifeRing Member’s TED Talk

BJ Davis Ted Talk


BJ Davis, Psy.D., a LifeRing member we’ve also had the privilege of presenting as a Keynote Speaker at several LifeRing annual meetings, tells the remarkable and inspiring story of how he went from addicted ex-convict to the free man living a life of his own purposeful choosing he is today in a powerful TED Talk. 

BJ is living proof that belief in oneself makes all the difference in every person’s life – and we’re honored to present his talk to you:

TEDx  Sacramento TED Talk 

BJ is also Co-Executive Director and Clinical Director at Strategies for Change in Sacramento, California. For more information about this organization, please see here:

 We thank BJ for being a part of our recovery community and share with him our heartfelt congratulations for the work he’s done to help himself and then to help others help themselves. Thank you, BJ!

Website Woes

Update: The problem seems to be fixed (fingers crossed)

We’ve been having problems — origin unknown — with the website. Some people (including the people who need to read this) are unable to sign on to the site. We’re working to track down the problem and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience as we work on this.

LifeRing Online — Let’s Chat!

LifeRing’s Online Coordinator, Steve S., recently reported to the board of directors that all of our online venues are doing well. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to give a little attention here to each of the approaches. All of the various online formats share the same goal as our face-to-face (f2f) meetings: to offer support for individuals seeking freedom from addiction. They offer that support by different methods, each of which seeks to appeal to people in slightly different ways. They primarily serve people without access to our f2f meetings, although some in-person meeting members supplement those meetings with online visits. Many people have found that they were able to get clean and sober using only the support received online, or with online help supplemented by other resources.

Let’s start with ‘Chat‘,

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Website Visitors from All Over

Visitors to this website are coming from countries across the globe, according to a new web app that tracks visitor locations.  In the three days that this feature has been active, has received more than 1100 visitors.  Visitors have logged on to from hundreds of different locations in the continental US, from Hawaii and Alaska, and from:

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Check out on mobile phones

Your website is now available in a format adapted to many web-enabled mobile phones, namely: iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm.  On these devices, you can easily see the most recent posts and you can quickly click to key pages like “Check out LifeRing”, “Find Meetings” and “The LifeRing Store.”  With a little effort you can navigate almost the entire site, all formatted for mobile devices.   But, sorry:  Flash content is not supported, so no Chat Room on your phone, yet.  Check it out!