Eligibility Determination of Delegates

  • Delegate needs to be a member of a LifeRing meeting (see definition of a LifeRing Meeting below*)
  • The Delegate must have 6 months of sobriety.
  • The Delegate is ideally selected democratically by the people who attend the meeting, but if there is no preference or election, then the convener may serve as the Delegate.
  • In order to vote in the Absentee Election, the Delegate must provide his or her full name, email address, and the basis for eligibility (which meeting are you representing) to the Registrar of Voter, registrar@lifering.org or mail your contact information to the LifeRing Service Center.
  • You must register no less than 15 days prior to Congress.

*5.2.1. A meeting is public for the purposes of these Bylaws if it convenes in a location accessible to the public and if its location, day and time are posted in a manner likely to give public notice. The term “location” shall also include Internet address.

*5.2.2. The date that a meeting must be in place in order to be eligible to send a delegate to the annual Congress shall be forty-five (45) days before the Congress. [Added 2002.]

For any questions, please email the LifeRing Voting Registrar at registrar@lifering.org.