Proposed Bylaw Changes

Unless you want to submit a bylaw change the morning of Congress, you must adhere to 13.1 of the LifeRing ByLaws “Motions and nominations submitted to Congress by delegates in absentia must be submitted in writing to the Registrar at least thirty days prior to Congress.” Email:

Proposal Change #1

Current Bylaws read:

5.2. Each public LifeRing Secular Recovery meeting may select one delegate to the Congress.

5.2.1. A meeting is public for the purposes of these Bylaws if it convenes in a location accessible to the public and if its location, day and time are posted in a manner likely to give public notice. The term “location” shall also include Internet address.

5.2.2. The date that a meeting must be in place in order to be eligible to send a delegate to the annual Congress shall be forty-five (45) days before the Congress. [Added 2002.]

I am requesting a change in 5.2.2. The language “must be in place” is vague and not defined. Instead, I proposed that 5.5.2 be replaced entirely with this wording “In order to be eligible to designate a delegate to represent the meeting at an Annual Congress and/or vote on behalf of the meeting, the meeting shall be listed with the Service Center forty-five (45) days prior to the Congress. [Added 2002.] [Amended 2017]

(Amendment is ratified by Congress and will be presented to the Registrar for delegate vote)