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Welcome to the British area of the LifeRing website

In this section, you will find examples of how the LifeRing approach has helped some of our UK participants to ‘empower their sober selves’ and to fight and defeat addiction to alcohol and other drugs through self-help and mutual support within a secular context.

You will also find a series of links to non-Step based addiction support services and resources in the United Kingdom. We hope you will find these links helpful.

We subscribe to the same secular principles as LifeRing elsewhere in the world and we are committed to spreading the word in this country that there are alternatives to some of the ‘traditional’ methods of combating addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

At this point in time, the British chapter of LifeRing has two main goals. These are to:

  • Publicize the existence and availability of the LifeRing secular approach to finding and achieving long-term sobriety.
  • To establish face-to-face meetings in the United Kingdom. Goal accomplished!! There are now meetings in the Greater London area. Scroll down to the United Kingdom section of This Page for meeting information.
  • New web site:



The beginning of our email group based in the UK

by the listmeister of LifeRing UK

This UK branch of LSR was formed by a past member in 2001 who then disappeared and closed the group on his way out!

I had joined the main LSR list in 2001 and under the LSR list owners guidance we reformed LSRUK in 2002

As we come under the guidance of LifeRing we are now known as:  LifeRing UK.

Compared with the main group, we have a British angle on things that are available here that are perhaps not worldwide, as the main group sometimes talks about treatment help that we cannot find here.

That said we have many worldwide members who are a welcomed part of the group, including Brits working abroad.

I am also a member of the main group as are others here.

I run a local Face to face meeting in my home town that meets in a Drug and Alcohol unit and help as many as I can on a sobriety path.

LifeRing in the U.K.

LifeRing in the USA has grown and developed. There are many face to face meetings held there at which people share their experiences of recovery from alcohol addiction and support each other. There is no fixed model or ‘right’ way propagated, though there is a principle that the process will be a secular one. There is no 12-Step program or ‘higher power’ involved.



If you are interested in helping to get self run secular addiction support meetings going in the UK, why not start by joining in the discussions at the mailing list at:

U.K. Resources

Alcohol Concern

Institute of Alcohol Studies


National Treatment Agency (NTA)