Want to quit? Just quit? Beginning the journey

Right now is the time to focus on you and getting through the next few days. Trust that you’re doing the very best thing in the world you can possibly do for yourself, and don’t worry about anything else, past, present or the FUTURE.

Expect discomfort, both physical and emotional. You’ve thoroughly discombobulated your body chemistry, and it will take some time for it to straighten itself back out…but it will do just that. You may feel nauseous, you may shake, you may sweat. You may get really restless and irritable, and find you have difficulty concentrating on anything. You may ache all over, your heart may race, your head may pound.

If you get really really uncomfortable or scared, get to an ER and tell them you’re in the middle of detoxing off alcohol…but odds are it won’t get that bad.

The physical and emotional discomfort you may feel are symptoms of your dependence on alcohol…the only way through them is…through them. There is no way around them. They’ll last a while, but not forever. Your body has already begun to heal in the absence of alcohol.

Eat regular healthy meals as best you can, take a multi-vitamin, and DRINK LOTS and LOTS of WATER!

Read if reading is comfortable. Occupy yourself in any low-stress way. Expect insomnia, so be prepared with lots of crossword puzzles or whatever sort of mindless thing you find interesting and relaxing.

Take a long hot bath, go for a walk. Sleep if you can.

Go easy on caffeine and sugar, but if you feel like a snack, by all means eat something yummy.

You can spend some sleepless hours reading through the archives of this e-mail list from the website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSRUK/

You can join the folks in the chat room during the scheduled chat times, or send a post here anytime saying you’d like to go there and chat with someone. You can find chat times and log on to the system at: LifeRing Chat

If there is face-to-face meeting support available near you, of any “flavor”, you might consider going there and meeting some understanding people to spend some time with.

Post here frequently to let us know how things are going for you.

You can do this, it’s hard, but it’s not TOO hard. Nobody can tell you exactly what it’s going to be like for you, but we can come pretty darned close in a lot of ways, and tell you all about how we found our way through it.

In just a couple of days, you’re going to be feeling much better, your head will begin to clear, and the world will start making some sense. Stick with your decision, it’s the right one. Whatever you do, no matter how uncomfortable you might be, DON’T START OVER!

Stay the course, you’re headed in the right direction…and we’re going right along with you.