Lifering’s e-mail groups are active, thriving communities of people who use them as strong sources of sobriety support, and many members often post remarkably written sources of inspiration, hope and encouragement that many other group members call “Keepers” – posts that they save for themselves so they can go back and look at them as often as they like.

We here at LifeRing like sharing these posts, with the authors’ permission, on our blog so that everyone can enjoy them as much as our group members do.

It Takes Courage

The words we choose to express ourselves with in our groups are not always our own – sometimes they’re poems, quotes, or excerpts from books and other sources that speak truths about recovery to us such that we then share with one another. They very often spark deep conversations, and are almost always well-received .

Here are two wonderful examples recently shared by fellow LifeRingers:

“When I took the leap and left the fence,
there was a brief period of free-fall and a slightly lumpy landing.
Since then, the decision having been made, with no thought of going back,
life has gotten better, and better, and better.
There is nothing like real freedom.
If you’ve taken the leap–welcome! Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life!”
– Coby S.
“I don’t perceive reality perfectly, and I don’t know everything.  In fact, I know only a tiny fragment of the knowable things.  And I filter my perceptions through my expectations and wishes – filters that are often distorted.  Listening to other people gives me a reality check. It gives me a clue about whether I’m overthinking or under thinking, overreacting or underreacting, being self-absorbed or not taking enough care of myself….And it gives me a clue about whether I’m doing none of those things and am doing just fine.”
– Greta Christina