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Another New Meeting in Bromley, Greater London UK!

Bromley Green

We first posted about a couple of new meetings starting up in the Greater London, UK borough of Bromley in July, and we’re thrilled to report they’re doing so well that another meeting has been added!

Here’s the information:

When: Thursdays at 2:00 PM, starting this week

Where: Bromley Recovery Service, Norton House*, 26-32 High Street, Bromley, Greater London BR1 1EA

Convenor: Jenny W.

Contact Information:

*Please note that Norton House has has a 12 hours of abstinence requirement of all meeting attendees

We wish Jenny and all meeting members our very best!


New LifeRing Meetings In Greater London, UK

Bromley Green


LifeRing is very pleased to announce the addition of two new meetings in the Greater London, UK borough of Bromley.

Lee C. brought LifeRing to Bromley Drug and Alcohol service where he volunteers, and reports “We have been trialling a meeting here in Bromley for the last couple of months and am pleased to report that it has been very successful. Many of our attendees have been quick to realise the potential of the LifeRing ethos and it feels to many of us that the meeting has been going a lot longer than it actually has, such is the bond that has been formed.”

Below is the information for both meetings:

When: Saturdays at 5:00 PM, and Tuesdays at 8:00 PM

Where: Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service, 35 London Road, Bromley, Greater London BR1 1DG

Convenor: Lee C.

Contact Information:

We wish Lee  and all meeting members our very best!