Every year we hold a special conference of all LifeRing members, including face-to-face and online meeting convenors and participants, our organization’s Board members, as well as addiction and recovery professionals, to get together to talk about addiction and recovery…

And you’re invited, too!

It’s a wonderful way for LifeRingers to connect with one another and celebrate Choice In Recovery. It’s also a great way for anyone genuinely interested – or perhaps just genuinely curious –  to find out more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it all while learning vital, timely information about brain health, evidence-based treatment options, and our growing role in helping others empower their clean and sober selves.

And we’d love for you to join us and to see you there – so come on down!  

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Who: You!

What: Our Annual Conference, 2016

Featuring special presentations, workshops, speakers, and Congressional events

When: June 3rd – 5th

Where: Qualcomm Campus and Lasting Recovery in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California!

We’ll be talking more about it over the next few months as we plan ahead, but in the meantime…

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If you would like to register to attend now or have any questions,

please contact us at:

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