Aw, gyad, I can’t.


Apparently, 2016 is (trigger warning – alcohol is prominently featured in the link attached) “The Year of the Hard Soda” wars. That’s right – alcoholic sodas are poised to become all the rage, and the best part is they’re really not supposed to have that icky alcohol aftertaste. All the better to drink it down like soda pop then, m’dearies – now you can make really good root beer floats.

But wait, isn’t soda pop eeeeeevviiiiillll?


Oh, I see, so that’s how it is, huh? Great, what’s next? Twizzlers flavored vodkas and gin-soaked gummy bears? Wonka bars that instead of golden tickets come packaged with coupons for 35% off your next purchase of Willy’s Special Dark Chocolate Oompa Loompa Liqueur?!

OK, OK. I get it, calm down **puts head between knees, blows slowly in and out of a paper bag**.

This is just how normal people drink, that’s all.  It’s all just good, clean, fun.

Well, blech! Ptooey on their fun, I say! And thank gyad today is National Carrot Cake Day. Here’s a great recipe if you wanna make your own.

I know I do.   🙂