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ATTENTION: All you barn-storming, roof-raising, trailblazing, U.S. face-to-face meeting attending LifeRingers* out there! We have some very important news for you:  

LifeRing is now partnering in a study called the Peer Alternatives to Addiction (PAL) Study, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health and led by Sarah Zemore, Ph.D.  This is a critical study that will provide empirical information on the effectiveness of LifeRing and other alternatives to AA, including Smart Recovery and Women for Sobriety (WFS).  The results could help LifeRing by substantiating its effectiveness, and will provide treatment providers and the public with new information relevant to choosing a support group in recovery.

 The study involves online surveys with a projected sample of 800 people, and we are eager to obtain as many participants as possible so that LifeRing is well-represented.  So, we would like to ask you to go to the study website and consider participatingGo to  Participants will receive Amazon gift cards for their participation, and can earn as much as $80.

*Please note that because this is a small study focusing on in-person meetings, only those who have attended an in-person meeting in the U.S. in the past 30 days are eligible. We hope to study online-only participation in the future.

 For more information, please check out the LifeRing Recruitment Flyer, and if you have any questions about the study, feel free to e-mail Dr. Zemore at or Project Coordinator Deidre Patterson at

 Thank you in advance for your help and support of LifeRing!