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Keeper of the Month – September

Stay Calm


One of the most magical things that happens in LifeRing’s e-mail groups is that someone new(er) to the group who may be struggling or have multiple relapses under their belt might post something about how difficult it’s been for them, but how it’s so seemingly easy for others…

And then the group does what it does best, and post after post from other members who’ve been through much the same things roll in, and the original poster realizes they’re really, truly not alone, and that despite everything they’ve been through, there really, truly is hope for them, too.

This month’s Keeper is one such response from long-time group member Richard:

[Replying after another member told their story] “…my story is such that I can’t tell it even in the space you used. So here is the very truncated version for you and anybody else who might benefit.

 I’m one of those folks who drank to excess from the time I started. I was surrounded in my youth with lots of other big drinkers and drug-takers, and I managed to function (i.e.,get up and go to work, or school) most of the time, despite being out of control with uppers, pot, acid, always accompanied by lots and lots of booze.
When I turned 30, I had my first kid, and then a couple of years later had another one on the way. Until then, the big deal was the few times I had stopped for a week or two, just to prove I could do it. But I knew I needed help, and finally sought it, entering a rehab in the summer of ’84. I had to go back again in the spring of ’85, and this time it stuck for a decade.
I was directed to AA and found a home there, of sorts. My life improved significantly, although of course I still had a lot of  ‘issues.’ I remain grateful to this day that I was sober throughout much of my kid’s youth, despite having split with their mom after a few years.
Finally, nearly ten years after stopping, I decided (while on a business trip in the midst of a painful break-up), that going on a little bender ‘just this once,’ would be okay. After all, I had been in therapy most of the ten years I’d been sober, and told myself I had ‘grown’ so much that I’d have no problem resuming long-term sobriety. I lasted a couple of months, and then the drinking times started getting closer and closer.
So, I stumbled inadvertently into LifeRing 15 years ago, and started putting together some longish periods of sobriety, but I never seemed to hold onto it. Finally, in February of 2010, I began what is now by far my second longest period of sobriety, which is continuing.
I should stress that not everybody struggles, and I do have to say that I have no doubt that my extended periods of sobriety probably saved my life. I figure I’ve been sober over 20 of the last 31 years, just counting periods of longer than one year, plus I know I have around half a dozen six month stretches. Nonetheless, there is no substitute for continuous sobriety, at least not for me. Things don’t always get wonderful right off the bat, but you give yourself a darn good chance to get the most out of life. We all have learned that the other way is just fighting a losing battle against misery.”




Keeper of the Summer (July and August 2015)

What can I say, dear blog friends? It’s been a great Spring and Summer for me but in the interim the blog’s been far too neglected, and it’s time to fire her back up.

So, we shall  begin again with this simple, apt, and true to its word quote contributed by our own Dennis M. – who also contributed our last Keeper in June (thanks again, Dennis!):


Don't Nurture the Urge


To which I can only add, whatever it may be, whenever you know it’s unhealthy for you!

Hope you’ve all had a good one, and see you again soon! :) Bobbi C.



New LifeRing Meeting in Dartford, Kent UK!

Located at One Bell Corner, Dartford town centre (Painted by Wallscapes).

Inventors Mural, located at One Bell Corner, Dartford town centre (Painted by Wallscapes).

LifeRing is extremely pleased to announce the addition of another new meeting in the UK, in Dartford, Kent.

A few months ago, Lee C. brought LifeRing to Bromley Drug and Alcohol service where he volunteers, and he’s now started this meeting in Dartford as well.

Here’s the meeting information:

When: Wednesdays at 1:00 PM

Where: MCCH, Unit 2, Twisleton Ct, Priory Hill, Dartford, Kent DA1 2EN England

Convenor: Lee C.

Contact Information:


We wish Lee  and all meeting members our very best!

Arcata, CA Meeting Moving to Google For the Summer…

Google Hangouts


And you’re invited! That’s right, even if you don’t live in California, you can still hang out at a LifeRing meeting this summer.

Here’s the haps:

Due to this being an especially busy summer for Arcata, California face-to-face meeting members, meeting convenor Rick B. is moving it online to Google Hangouts. It will be held on Monday evenings at 6:00 PM PST.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Yeah, but…how does this Google Hangouts thingy work?” No worries – just e-mail Rick at and he’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.

Sign up, join in, and hang out!




New LifeRing Meetings In Greater London, UK

Bromley Green


LifeRing is very pleased to announce the addition of two new meetings in the Greater London, UK borough of Bromley.

Lee C. brought LifeRing to Bromley Drug and Alcohol service where he volunteers, and reports “We have been trialling a meeting here in Bromley for the last couple of months and am pleased to report that it has been very successful. Many of our attendees have been quick to realise the potential of the LifeRing ethos and it feels to many of us that the meeting has been going a lot longer than it actually has, such is the bond that has been formed.”

Below is the information for both meetings:

When: Saturdays at 5:00 PM, and Tuesdays at 8:00 PM

Where: Bromley Drug and Alcohol Service, 35 London Road, Bromley, Greater London BR1 1DG

Convenor: Lee C.

Contact Information:

We wish Lee  and all meeting members our very best!