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Obamacare has Much to Offer Addicts

obamacare2You may be tired of hearing about Obamacare (properly known as the Affordable Care Act), but there are some important provisions that will have a major impact on the treatment of addiction. For example, federal law requires, starting with 2014, that health insurance treat mental health and addiction treatment in the same way it treats physical problems and their treatment — no more arbitrary limits allowed on the number of visits to a therapist, for example.

Of course, the law also makes health insurance far more affordable and accessible for many and greatly boosts the availability of Medicaid in states that have accepted the changes.

The Fix, a news website covering addiction issues, has an article dealing with the changes. See it Here.

How much does a ‘label’ matter in getting help?

Dr. John Kelly

By “label,” I’m talking about what we, what society, and what the treatment industry calls someone who has an alcohol or drugs problem.

Often, that label is “substance abuser,” a labeling that Harvard’s Dr. John Kelly, an associate professor of psychology, said can be harmful indeed.

He says that label adds to stigmatization of people with an addiction, not just in society in general but among people at the Ph.D. level of study in psychology or related disciplines, including people planning on entering addiction counseling and substance abuse treatment work.

At a White House meeting, Kelly specifically told the federal “drug abuse czar” that, from the top down, the country’s frontline people in dealing with addiction need to work on changing their labeling vocabulary.