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The main page of this website contains a blog — The Current — filled with a great mixed bag of topics.  If you have, for example:

  • A news item from or about your LifeRing meeting
  • A recovery-related anecdote
  • An item from the media with a recovery angle
  • A message you want to post to the world
  • An experience with a counselor or doctor
  • Information about an addiction medication
  • A report from a conference
  • Thoughts about a book you read
  • A movie review
  • A gripe about some recovery issue
  • A poem with a recovery theme
  • A recipe for sober folks
  • A great hike, bike ride, or other outing
  • A photo with a recovery theme
  • A song or video with a recovery theme
  • A great activity for staying busy
  • A gem of wisdom for folks in recovery
  • Or anything else that others may want to read

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Some specialized sections cater to particular passions.  The BookTalk blog collects reviews of books about recovery or related issues.  The Convenor Blog is an archive of posts by and about the core members of LifeRing — the people who start and facilitate meetings and perform other services that keep the network humming.  The New Recovery blog is an archive of items within the broad scope of addiction and recovery issues.  Each of these blogs appreciates comments.

If you have a particular enduring passion related to recovery, or an unsated curiosity to pursue a certain topic, consider becoming a website author, editor, or blogger.  The website is now built in WordPress, a blogging platform with many features of a Content Management System (CMS).  You can “own” a particular set of pages or a theme or topic, and develop a following within the broad framework of the LifeRing philosophy.

This website is also the portal for a growing number of other online venues where you can connect and correspond with others from around the world.  Have a look at the “Connect with LifeRing” menu heading for the possibilities.

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