LifeRing is young and still relatively small. Much as we’d like to have face-to-face (f2f) meetings available everywhere, that day is still in the future. We offer an array of on-line options that serve those without easy access to an f2f meeting, and for those who simply prefer to interact with their support group from the comfort of their home.

There are four types of LifeRing on-line support, each of which offers a variety of ways to interact with other members:


– Chat
“Chat” is the name given to group instant messaging. Real-time gatherings in which a number of people enter a ‘chat room’ and communicate by typing messages. LifeRing provides a number of chat rooms, each open 24 hours a day. Meetings are scheduled with a convenor who leads the discussion and keeps things focused on sobriety issues, much as with a face-to-face meeting. When there is no meeting, the room is available for ‘drop-in’ and informal discussion. Chat, because of its real-time nature, is particularly valuable for gaining quick feedback when an event, or an emotion, threatens to overwhelm you. Chat is open to the internet, so the use of ‘screen names’ is encouraged Visit our Chat site.


– E-mail Group: This is a  group of LifeRing members who choose to interact via e-mail. Each group is private, meaning nobody from outside the group can view what’s written or who belongs. After joining, any member can write to the group address and everybody in the group receives the message in their regular e-mail box. If someone replies to that e-mail, their reply also goes to each member. So if someone writes in saying they are struggling not to drink but are having strong cravings, other members will reply with sympathy, advice or a recounting of their own similar experiences, always with a supportive tone. Those replies will stimulate other members to post their thoughts, and the ‘thread’ will take on new life as it evolves and changes. It’s much less confusing than it sounds as the names and personalities of the regular posters become  familiar. Learn more and find an e-mail group.


– The LifeRing Delphi Forum: The Forum is an internet-based bulletin board, similar in some ways to an email group, but with different dynamics. Members post their thoughts and views for all to see, as are any responses. The use of ‘screen names’ is encouraged to protect anonymity. The Delphi forum has more than a decade of bulletin-board posts on a great variety of topical subjects. Almost anything related to sobriety and sober growth is likely to have a message theme there. Visit the LifeRing Forum.




– Ning: LifeRing Ning is our social-networking site. Fans of Facebook will feel right at home. Each member gets their own page which they can fill with as much or as little personal information as they choose. The site offers the opportunity to interact with other members and to learn from one another how the recovery process works. As with the Forum and Chat, the Ning site is open to the internet and nicknames may be advised. LifeRing’s Ning site offers people the chance to blog about sobriety needs and issues, post photos and videos of their lives, and otherwise “show off” their sober selves. With more than 600 members from around the world, it’s a great adjunct to sobriety support.Visit the Ning site.