Presenting LifeRing:  A Primer for Treatment Professionals is a magazine-format introduction to LifeRing for persons employed in the healing professions.  It features a seminal article by the eminent historian and trainer William L. White, “Styles of Secular Recovery,” co-authored with LifeRing founder Martin Nicolaus.   Free to requesters with a business card or to a treatment agency or office address.  Download PDF.


LifeRing 101 is a PowerPoint slide show with audio track of Martin Nicolaus’ presentation at the 2004 LifeRing Congress.  Covers basics of the LifeRing approach and format. 45 mins.  CD-ROM disc intended for play on a computer; requires RealPlayer (included on CD).



What is Recovery?  A Quality of Life Perspective is a DVD recording of the keynote address by Dr. B. J. Davis, Clinical Director of Strategies for Change, Sacramento CA, at the 2008 LifeRing Congress.  Davis emphasizes that recovery has to offer the former user more than abstinence and meeting attendance. There has to be improvement in their quality of life.  In developing his argument, Dr. Davis skewers some of the sacred cows of traditional addiction treatment. Treatment as we know it works for a few people, but the way treatment is done these days doesn’t work for most addicted people most of the time. Too many treatment providers have no theory or evidence to back up what they do. Treatment is too often authoritarian and punitive; it humiliates rather than healing. Providers frequently talk about addiction as a disease but don’t apply anything resembling modern medical methods in treating it. People who display the symptoms of their illness by relapsing too often get thrown out of treatment, instead of helped.  55 mins; plays on any DVD player or PC.

Keepers:  Voices of Secular Recovery is an anthology of selected posts from a popular LifeRing email list.  The 125 items collected here range from the abstract to the earthy, with plenty of insights, humor, and vivid slices of reality.


The LifeRing lapel pin features the traditional logo and can serve as a reminder to yourself that you’re a special person, and a subtle advertisement to others about the support community you belong to.  Can start interesting conversations.  For those not in the know, it’s just a sign of your nautical leanings — maybe you have a relative in the Coast Guard.

All these items are available for purchase online in the LifeRing Store.