The number one source of new members for LifeRing is referral from treatment professionals such as counselors and doctors, according to a LifeRing membership survey.  But it works both ways.  Based on extensive anecdotal evidence, we can safely say that the number one way treatment professionals first learn about LifeRing is from clients and patients.

We hear it dozens of times from health care providers:  “My client/patient told me about LifeRing.  Please tell me more.”   You the client are expanding your counselor’s horizons.  You the patient are educating your doctor.  You, a modest private individual quietly seeking a life free of alcohol and other drugs, are the most powerful advertiser for the LifeRing network.

We want to help you and encourage you in that important work.   On this website, you can download each of the LifeRing brochures; you can print and fold a few and hand them to your provider at your next appointment.  On a treatment professional’s request, we will mail them a complimentary copy of Presenting LifeRing, the magazine-format introduction to LifeRing for professionals.  We have a fairly extensive selection of other resources for professionals free for the watching and downloading on this website; you can jot down the web address and share it with your provider.

You can also spread the word by mentioning LifeRing in letters to the editor.  You can share your positive experiences with LifeRing as a caller on talk show programs.  You can mention LifeRing in your blog or in your email traffic with friends, on FaceBook and MySpace, Twitter, and other online venues.   And what’s wrong with mentioning LifeRing in face-to-face conversations with your friends and family?  Every mention of the LifeRing name helps tremendously.

If you are already connected with LifeRing and familiar with the LifeRing approach, you may be invited as a LifeRing speaker.  The Convenor Resources section of this website contains outlines of talks that people have given to audiences of recovering people, treatment professionals, and the general public.  It also suggests other channels to spread the word about LifeRing meetings.

If you are a media maven and want to do a story that includes LifeRing, please have a look at the Media Briefing page.

From time to time, as our mouse-sized budget allows, LifeRing may do some limited paid advertising.  But none of this promotion is as valuable or as powerful as the advertising by word-of-mouth that you do when you educate your treatment providers and your family, your friends, your editors, and your communities.   Please keep it up, and share your best stories here.  Thank you!