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Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

New LifeRing E-mail Group for Scandinavians

LSR-Scandinavia has been created for the growing number of LifeRing members living in the Scandinavian countries — Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Others in the region, including Iceland where LifeRing has a presence,  are welcome as are Scandinavians living abroad. The new e-mail group will function in the same way as other LifeRing e-mail groups: messages sent to the group address go to everybody in the group in their regular e-mailbox, as do replies to those e-mails. E-mail groups are a great way for people with a common interest to stay in touch, support one another and gain insights and information. To join the group, click HERE

There already is a Swedish-language on-line ‘chat’ meeting on Sundays at 0900 GMT. And incidentally, there is also a chat room set aside for Canadians and for LifeRing Canada. See for details about all chat rooms and meetings.


Book Review of “The Addiction Solution” by David Kipper, MD

The Addiction Solution, by David Kipper, MD (with Steven Whitney)

Rodale Press 2010, 284 pages, $25.99

Reviewed by Patricia Gauss, August 2011

Written by David Kipper, MD, a Beverly Hills doctor who specializes in addiction, The Addiction Solution provides a simple, straightforward account of the brain science underlying addictions. He also proposes that certain individuals are extremely susceptible to addictions, and shows how we get addicted, in part, because of pre-existing chemical imbalances in the brain.

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