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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Lifering speaker on Democracy Now

Dr. Gabor Mate, who is the keynote speaker at Lifering’s 2013 annual convention or Congress, discusses stress and addiction issues on Democracy Now. It’s a full hour of compilation of three interviews from 2010.

Here is the link to the program should the video not load.

A Solstice Essay

A message from LifeRing member Mahala Kephart:

A few days late, but as I thought about how important having a secular choice in recovery has been to me, I thought maybe I’d riff on light and dark today. Whether you’re in Sweden or South Africa, the Yukon or Tierra del Fuego, or somewhere in between, the summer and winter solstice times offer opportunities to notice, and be thankful for, both light and darkness.

Something I found surprisingly peaceful about living for four months pretty much on the equator was the regularity of the days. I think I noticed it the most when we were up at Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolf). Maybe it was because I was surrounded by paleontologists (it’s hard to ignore being in the company of Richard and Maeve Leakey) and thinking a lot not just about human origins but about human strife. There are still prejudices and grudges held between villages and tribes in the Turkana region; one conflict last year that started with a stolen fishing net ended up escalating to stolen goats, stolen cattle, and finally, directly or indirectly, to the deaths of 40 people. Anyway, where we were, there was a lot of silence and opportunity for deep, reflective solitude once I finally got into the rhythm of the place.

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The Holidays are Here

Dreaded or beloved, it’s “that time of year” again. We at the LifeRing Service Center wish you all the best imaginable from the season and the New Year.

Erstwhile Executive Director Robert Stump is taking a well deserved vacation until Jan 2, so our office hours will be even less predictable than usual. Craig Whalley, LifeRing’s board chairman, will come by weekday mornings, except for the actual holiday days, from about 9 to 11 a.m. Robert will continue to monitor email traffic, so you can still get him by email.

Mindfulness – the rational way

Sherlock Holmes/NYT image

Mindfulness, including possible benefits for sobriety, has been a hot topic in recent years.

Many people may associate mindfulness, and even more meditation, with some “spiritual practice,” Buddhism above all.

But, that need not be the case.

A New York Times column offers up, instead — Sherlock Holmes! Yes, the meerschaum pipe, and its smoker’s focus, are a lead-in to mindfulness practices in a modern way, without stereotypes some people may have Read on for more.

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LifeRing’s Winter Newsletter Just Published

imagesThe latest edition of the LifeRing Newsletter is hot off the press! Edited by LifeRing board member Carola Z., this edition features articles on topics ranging from the value of volunteering to proposed changes in the LifeRing bylaws. There are also articles on surviving the holiday season and LifeRing’s presence at a recent gathering of treatment professionals in San Diego. See the complete Newsletter HERE.