I can’t link this because the web site of the U.C. Berkeley Wellness Letter (to which I subscribe) is password protected; so I’m typing the whole thing out because it’s important. This is a WellnessFact from the February 2013 issue:

Alcohol dependence shortens the lives of millions of people worldwide, but is especially dangerous for women. A new German study in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that while alcohol dependence (also called alcoholism) nearly doubles death rates in men, it more than quadruples them in women, shortening their lives by about 23 years. Alcohol dependence may be riskier for women because they end up with higher blood levels of alcohol and thus become more impaired than men from the same amount of alcohol; they also tend to develop damage to the liver, heart muscle, and brain at lower intakes.

Update: see an article from the Science Daily website about this study: click HERE