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LifeRing 2023 Annual Report

Presented at the 2023 LifeRing Annual Congress | June 3, 2023



The 2022-2023 LifeRing Administrative Year has been an amazing journey of growth and accomplishments. For the past year, we have seen a significant increase in membership as well as program-wide engagement with active participants. As a result, we are proud to announce that this year marks our highest ever membership numbers with over 2,500 individuals participating weekly in LifeRing meetings across the United States and in our international communities.

In addition to increased membership numbers, we have also seen great success with many of our programs including convenor mentoring and online support groups which provide members with additional resources for their recovery process. Unique, hands-on workshops to explore online meeting management resources, and new promotional resources for new and ongoing in-person meetings offer additional support to our convenor community.

Operationally, LifeRing is growing up. We are successfully implementing our first Strategic Plan which serves as a roadmap to attain our developmental objectives. Quarterly Town Halls encourage program-wide collaboration and bridge the gaps between LifeRing recovery support resources.

The seemingly tireless efforts of our Speakers Bureau are increasing public and professional awareness of LifeRing and the efficacy of our program. Healthcare providers and treatment specialists across the country are referring their clients to LifeRing and to specific focus meetings for patient-to-patient recovery support.

Finally, this past year saw us launch several initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about addiction recovery options targeting both adults and youth populations alike with the introduction of the LifeRing Mobile App and the upgrade in LifeRing Social Media Channels.



In January 2023, the Board of Directors introduced LifeRing’s first Strategic Plan. This operational roadmap is designed to help LifeRing Secular Recovery reach new heights of success in 2023-2024. The Strategic Plan outlines our vision for the future, as well as the steps we need to take to get there. Our plan includes goals to optimize operational practices, enhance our service to the recovery community, and expand our reach.

Cover image of LifeRing Secular Recovery Strategic PlanWe are confident that the implementation of this plan will help us achieve our ambitions for the future. The 2023 Strategic Plan is a result of extensive organizational analysis and market research, and we are confident that this plan will enable us to meet and exceed our goals.

LifeRing team and meeting collaborators are turning to the Strategic Plan to guide operational optimization. We are committed to the positive growth of the LifeRing vision and the community we serve. LifeRing is focused on the future, and our 2023-2024 Strategic Plan will help us get there.


IN-PERSON MEETINGSMap of LifeRing Meeting in the US

We cannot stress enough the importance and the resilience of LifeRing in-person meetings. LifeRing has seen a great uptick in the opening and reopening of in-person meetings across the US.

During the fiscal year, LifeRing added thirteen new in-person meetings bringing our total 33 active weekly meetings across the country.

There has been a resurgence this year in local meetings based in the San Francisco Bay Area with the addition of 4 new meetings. Our reach in the North East is growing and we now host an in-person meeting on the beach in Maui!

    In-person meetings have generated approximately $1,800 during the LifeRing fiscal year.


To support our vision to advance our in-person meeting presence, the US In-Person Regional Representatives created a grant program for new and ongoing meetings approved by the BOD in February 2023. These grants of up to $250 per new and existing in person meeting are allocated for initial funding of a start-up and promotional grants. While no grants have been awarded to date, the In-Person Meetings Regional Representatives anticipate allocation as convenor interest is identified.



Graph of LifeRing Online Meetings retention and efficacy

Online meeting attendance: June 2022 through April 2023 | Color cohorts indicate individual start month. Blue cohorts represent people who joined prior to July 2021.

LifeRing online meeting attendance has grown exponentially with reports showing a 583% increase since the beginning of the Pandemic. We are currently offering 90 online meetings every week with additional meetings on the horizon.

Monthly attendance has grown approximately 32.6% and support 2,500 unique users every week. Many meetings average over 50 LifeRingers in attendance and there has been a new movement to better serve our growing online members by extending meetings to allow more time  for shares and for crosstalk. It’s not unusual for a LifeRing meeting to run two-hours long.

These numbers clearly illustrate the importance of onboarding new convernors. We have streamlined our new convenor onboarding practices and defined the roles of convenors, co-convenors, and hosts to focus our recruiting efforts. Various strategies to grow our online meeting convenor community are meeting with success and we anticipate seeing more meetings scheduled in upcoming months.


eGROUPS and FORUMimage of LifeRing ePals Program

LifeRing eGroups and our Delphi Forum members are here to stay. We’ve seen a steady number of subscribers and active participants throughout the administrative year. Two new eGroups were added to our  LSRLife and LifeRing-LGBTQI+. In addition to these new eGroups, LSRsafe now offers an online meeting for their subscribers.

Our largest growth in email-based recovery resources clearly sits with our LifeRing ePals. So far this year, LifeRing ePals have provided 1-to-1 email recovery support for over 127 people – an uptick of 66.7% YoY. This platform offers a unique opportunity for LifeRing to show them the importance of finding a positive recovery community.



LifeRing Committees drive the BOD-identified objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan. LifeRing teams work with the Treasurer and BOD to ensure all resources are used to advance all LifeRing objectives that support our vision as A Global Leader in Positive Recovery Support. It is the insight, creativity, and collaborative efforts of these teams that lay the foundation of our current success. In brief we have seen outstanding contributions from our committee volunteers:

Hands raised to volunteer with LifeRingFundraising, Marketing, and Communications

Personal donations continue to climb and we saw a 64.8% increase in sustaining donors who contribute over 50% of monies received through our online donation platform. A workgroup is leading the charge to support donor retention initiatives and we are on pace to exceed last year’s personal donations by +5% YE total in 2023.


Another phenomenal show by our Speakers Bureau this year! We made a great splash at the CCAR | MPRC in Punta Gordo, Florida this January where LifeRing hosted a breakout group and table during this well-attended conference for healthcare providers and treatment specialists.

Meetings and Convenors

This lively team is made up of representatives from all LifeRing recovery resources:  In-person and Online meetings, eGroups and our Delfi Forum. Collaboration focuses on coordinating efforts to ensure our convenors and moderators have the support and guidance they deserve – and to ensure every LifeRing member receives the positive recovery support they need to overcome their substance use challenges. The success of this team is showcased in continued meeting, eGroup, and forum participation growth and retention.


GOVERNANCE Image of LifeRing Platinum Seal of Transparency

The LifeRing Board will see a churn this administrative year with two exceptional long-time BOD members terming-out and the introduction of 3 new BOD candidates. These candidates will be introduced to the LifeRing Community during the 2023 Annual Congress. Nominees are offered an opportunity to speak about their involvement with LifeRing and their objectives if elected to the LifeRing Board.of DIrectors. Delegates are invited to interview the candidates during an open Q&A session. For a list of BOD candidates, click here.

In addition to creating LifeRing’s first Strategic Plan, the board has also been busy creating and revising LifeRing Policy Statements. During this Board Year, the Conflict of Interest Policy was adopted on 3/12/2023, and three standing policies were updated:

LifeRing 2022-2023 BOD members are also extremely active in the LifeRing Community:

The LifeRing Executive Search Committee has identified an exceptional candidate to serve as the LifeRing Director of Development. The budget to support this contractor will come from surplus resources bequeathed to LifeRing this year. We look forward to finalizing this advantageous arrangement during the final 2022-2023 Board meeting.

Public participation during monthly board meetings has increased during the 2022-2023 year. We hope you’ll join us this year!


LifeRing FY 2023 Revenue DetailLifeRing 2023 Financial Report

Presented at the 2023 LifeRing Annual Congress | June 3, 2023



LifeRing’s financial health from Jun 2022 to May 2023 is overall very good. We ended the last 12 months with a surplus of $62,589 and a cash balance of $134,799. In the past 12 months, LifeRing received two, one time “grants” totaling $45,000. We believe that we will get an additional grant of $20,000 in the coming months from one of the same grantors. While these and previous government grants are tagged as “one time”, LifeRing has successfully increased these income streams year over year and is working on staffing a more permanent position to apply for and obtain grants like this in the future.

LifeRing FY2023 Book SalesDonations and the LifeRing Press make up 65% of our revenue sourcesBook printing/shipping and Payroll makes up 65% of our expenses.

In the last 12 months, the Recovery by Choice workbook was our best selling book with 237 units sold. “Empowering your Sober Self” was our second best selling book. Martin Nicolaus is paid a royalty for all books but “Humanly Possible”. Book sales are down more than 35% year over year.

Deficit (no longer) Spending

Excluding grants and one time donations, we had a surplus of $17,062, which was the first such surplus in several years! This puts LifeRing on a sustainable path to continue its operations. In addition, we will be staffing a dedicated person to write and obtain grants which should continue to add a large income stream to fund various projects at LifeRing.

Cash Reserves and Special Projects

While LifeRing’s cash reserves are excellent and put the organization on a sustainable path, grants have been given to us with the expectation that we spend the money to expand or improve our operations. A plan to spend that money has been put in place, however, we have not been able to make significant progress against that plan. When we get grants/gifts like the ones that we’ve just received, it creates an expectation that we spend the money on useful endeavors. Keeping the money in a low interest savings account for extended periods of time will make organizations less likely to give us money in the future. The new 2023-2024 Board of Directors should make it a priority to re-evaluate the plan and determine how they can execute on each of the projects.