Colorado Springs News Weekly Features Lifering

colorado springsA Colorado Springs news weekly, the Independent,  features a story about LifeRing. It includes interviews with Eric Lopez, convenor of the LifeRing meeting there, and Kathleen Gargan, from Denver, who serves on the LifeRing Board of Directors. The article touches on the LifeRing approach and also discusses the difficulties in getting referrals from local probation offices.

Lopez speaks of the self-directed nature of the LifeRing approach: “It was self-reliance,” he says. “I had to want it. It was self-help.” Gargan focused on LifeRing’s effort to increase knowledge of the group: “One of the ways we’ve grown is that we have done outreach to treatment centers, and drug courts,” says Gargan. “The more you stay in touch with those folks, the more they remember you.”

See the article HERE.