Dollar-a-Sober-Month Fundraiser for LifeRing

Kathleen G., in Denver, Colorado, has suggested that the LifeRing members there contribute one dollar to LifeRing for every month they’ve been clean-and-sober. It’s such a good idea, all LifeRingers should consider joining the effort.

Kathleen writes:

“A year or so ago, Tom J. had a fundraising idea for Denver’s LifeRing community: what if everyone gave $1 for every month of sobriety they have? Strange that he should be the one to have this idea, given that he has been sober for 36 years. Ka-ching!”

“I think Denver ought to be able to raise $1,000 for LifeRing before the end of 2010.”

“LifeRing operates nationally on about $40,000.00 a year. We have one paid employee, the wonderful and brilliant Rachaell, whom some of you met last June at our congress, who earns peanuts and works 10 hours a week in the Oakland office. Everything else gets done by volunteers.”

Kathleen continues: “If each of us could give at least $1 for every month of clean and sober time, and if some of us could see our way to pay for a couple of months worth of Tom J.’s vast sobriety, so he won’t be bankrupt, then LifeRing will have an extra thousand dollars or more this year.”

Please indicate on your check or online that you are participating in this fund-raising effort!

4 ways to donate:

(1) Simple credit card donation. Click over to the LifeRing Store at to make a contribution in set amounts to the LifeRing general fund.

(2) Special credit card donation. Go to to make a contribution in amounts over $100, or to set up a recurring donation, or to donate in the name of a friend, or in memorium, or to donate anonymously.

(3) Write a check. Make the check out to “LifeRing” and mail it to:

LifeRing Service Center
1440 Broadway, Ste. 312
Oakland, CA 94612

(4) Give cash or check made out to LifeRing to your meeting convenor.

Will Denver make that mile-high fundraising mark and leave the rest of the world in the dust? Please consider LifeRing’s contribution to your own sobriety, and make a donation of a dollar for every sober month, or whatever you can afford.