A Thank-You to LifeRing Convenors

As the year winds down, I, both personally as Executive Director and on behalf of the Board of Directors, want to take a moment to express gratitude to those who make LifeRing the organization that it is: the convenors. These are the people who organize our meetings, keep them open and on-track, and do the basic work that makes a network of support groups possible. Whether it’s in a face-to-face group, or on-line, they represent LifeRing for most members. LifeRing is structured so that each meeting is largely autonomous, as long as it follows the LifeRing philosophy. The larger organization exists to serve the meetings, not the other way around. The meetings are the heart of LifeRing, and it’s the convenors who keep that heart beating. I’m very grateful to all of them.

— Craig W.