Absentee Voting Plan to be Introduced to LifeRing

absentee votingFor the past several months, a committee of the LifeRing Board of Directors has been working on a plan to bring more democracy to LifeRing. Starting at the 2013 Annual Meeting, in Denver from May 31 to June 2, we hope to implement a plan to allow absentee voting on elections to the BOD and proposed changes in the organization’s bylaws. As before, each LifeRing meeting will be entitled to choose a delegate to the annual LifeRing Congress. Until now, those delegates could only vote on things if they attended the Annual Meeting. From now on, though, we plan to have a system in place to allow delegates to have a vote, whether they attend or not. Our hope is that in addition to making LifeRing more democratic, this change will bring with it more interest and involvement in organization-wide matters.

Developing the logistics of the plan has not been particularly easy — there are all sorts of complications in setting up procedures that will be smooth, timely and easily understood. The committee is now ready to present its plan to the BOD and to the membership. You can read about some of the details of the plan HERE.