Canadian University of Victoria Survey for Peer-Support Groups for Alcohol

A group of researchers from Canada, led by Dr. Frederick Grouzet
(Associate professor of psychology at the University of Victoria) in
collaboration with Tyler Carey (Graduate Student), are currently
conducting a survey on peer-support groups for problematic alcohol use,
called “Sober Together.” They are inviting people (who are currently
attending or have formerly attended peer-support groups) to complete a
very brief online survey. The responses to the survey are kept
confidential and analyzed anonymously. This research has been reviewed and
approved by the University of Victoria Human Research Ethics Board. If you
are interested in helping them to better understand the role of
peer-support groups in recovery from problematic alcohol use, please use
the following information:


Invitation Code: SOBER2DAY

LifeRing has reviewed and approved this survey and we encourage everyone
who has had experience with peer-support groups to complete the survey.