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LifeRing is proud to introduce our newest focus meeting for caregivers in recovery on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am Pacific.

    Wednesdays at 8:00am Pacific
    Zoom Meeting ID: 873 0309 7283, Passcode: lifering


About Renee

I’m a Humanist organizer, a retired army veteran, a former army wife, and care giver for my teenage nephew and two adult sons with disabilities. As a caregiver and retiree, I know that mental health suffers in our community, and caregivers who need help themselves have little to no voice, let alone support.

Caregiving is a life-purpose unlike any other. ... It is now my turn to give back to other caregivers.

After a long journey, I discovered in Humanism my philosophical home and life purpose. I’ve been involved in the local freethought, Humanist, and atheist community for many years, and believe immensely in the Humanist Ten Commitments:

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While I realize I haven’t always lived these values, I believe that my story is one of recovery and triumph, because I’m still here not only fighting the good fight to be a better caregiver for my household (which includes my disabled sister who is now in a potential host home-for whom I am trying to get approval for long term care services), but also trying to give voice and validation to caregivers who ALSO have needs-mental health, physical, self-care.

Ours is a unique life experience, and I benefit greatly from my conversations with friends and family who are also caregivers, many of whom are also either in recovery or family members of alcoholics/addicts in recovery. My own recovery also benefits greatly from regular MEETINGS!

After my December 2022 arrest, which was extremely distressing as it brought to the forefront of my consciousness how I was not only jeopardizing my ability to care for my household, but also my family directly. I realized I didn’t know HOW to remain sober and that my level of emotional dysregulation was overwhelming- I needed to find others who have similar life experiences.

Since I’d already been receiving different kinds of therapy services through the VA, which was not enough or the right kind of support, I realized by March 2023 that I needed something more.

Traditional AA was NOT an option for me, but I’d recalled seeing a listing for a secular AA group, Godless Heathens, which meets nightly; I knew I needed meeting options at other times due to my life schedule but wasn’t yet comfortable enough to try others so I continue to attend Godless Heathens most nights.

I met LifeRing convenor  Lorraine H. at the American Humanist Association conference in May 2023, and immediately bought the LifeRing books she had available, but stuck with the evening Godless Heathen meetings until a few months ago.

While I enjoy and benefit from attending and volunteering as a host of the Godless Heathens, which is usually a topic/discussion meeting, I have slowly become more confident in hosting and trying out other meetings, and a few months ago found a morning LifeRing meeting that really resonated for me, during which I received information about LifeRing focus groups — exactly what I need!

I understand that not only is my sobriety dependent on my mental health selfcare, my mental health selfcare is also reliant on maintaining my own sobriety — this has to be a priority. Making my own selfcare a priority will allow me to become a better caregiver, to improve my household.

Though I know I am still early in recovery (sobriety date January 6, 2023) and am feeling more aware, more confident, more resilient, I know that my mental health/sobriety is lifelong management, and I need other caregivers with similar life experiences in my world. My commitment to hosting a weekly Godless Heathens meeting has given me experience to facilitate virtually, and attending LifeRing meetings has made me comfortable with the meeting format. So while I will continue to attend my evening meetings, it is now my turn to give back to other caregivers.

I truly hope to give caregivers with all life experiences the voice and validation they need to continue doing what we do — sober. Caregiving is a life-purpose unlike any other. And it’s the glue that makes our society a village.


Join Renee for
Wednesdays at 8:00am Pacific
Zoom Meeting ID: 873 0309 7283, Passcode: lifering

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  1. Shelly W. Convenor on August 15, 2023 at 8:50 am

    I’m looking forward to meeting you Elaine! Although we have only had 2 meetings thus far, everyone involved has shared what a wonderful venue this meeting is for those of us who are in the trenches on a daily basis. See you Saturday!