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Three New Members of LifeRing Board of Directors

At it’s Jan. 12 meeting, the LifeRing Board of Directors accepted the resignation of three of it’s members and elected replacements to serve until the next Annual Meeting, coming this Spring.

The three retiring members — Robert B., Andy R. and Tom J. — have given long and faithful service to LifeRing and will be greatly missed. Robert B., who goes by the nickname ‘Itchy’, was a participant at the founding of LifeRing as an organization. But life intervenes despite the best intentions and the three have found it difficult or impossible to give the time and energy service as a Director requires.

Chosen to fill the seats were Njon W., Tim R. and Steve S., all of whom have been very involved with organizational issues at least since the Denver Annual Meeting in June of 2010, where Tim was elected Secretary, and Njon and Steve became Regional Representatives. Their selection will be voted on by the delegates at the next LifeRing Congress.

Fill Out a Survey to Help LifeRing

Michael W., head of LifeRing Canada, is looking for some help in gathering information to assist in setting up a ‘buddy system’ within LifeRing. Such a system would be an enhancement of the peer-support that LifeRing has always emphasized. With the help of a Practicum Student — a University-level intern — he has overseen  the creation of a survey aimed at LifeRing members to try to determine the efficacy of such an effort.

If you are someone who has participated in LifeRing, please take a moment to answer a few questions at .

New, Longer Office Hours at LifeRing Service Center

LifeRing is, of course, almost entirely an all-volunteer organization. The one exception is our paid office administrator, the inestimable Rachaell, who has been (while juggling other jobs) putting in a nine hour week at the Service Center, handling book orders and trying to act as a conduit for information to and from the organization. With the new year, we are extremely pleased that she has agreed to increase her hours all the way up to half-time! This means, among other things, that there will be regular hours for the Service Center — 9am to 1pm, Mon. to Fri. — that should prove much more reliable than Rachaell’s somewhat erratic schedule allowed in the past. It is hoped that this will greatly improve communication and efficiency inside LifeRing and in our dealings with others.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from all of us at LifeRing Secular Recovery!

2010 was the year for beginning a major transition for LifeRing, as our founding leader, Martin N., stepped back from his CEO role. Marty had given his all to the group for the past 10 years or so, and the results were spectacular. Last Spring he was succeeded by Craig W., appointed by the Board of Directors as interim Executive Director. Since then, our organization has been shifting towards a much more diffused leadership, with responsibility spread widely. This process will continue in 2011, which will be the crucial year in the transition process. Much progress has been made, but much remains to do.  With hard work, and the help of all those who care deeply about this wonderful organization, we’ll reach new heights  this year. It’s an exciting time for LifeRing!


Just like almost every other non-profit organization, LifeRing faces the need to increase its revenue if it wants to grow. There are three basic streams of money available to us: income from book sales; donations, and grants. Book sales have been steady in recent years and may be helped by a new edition of the Recovery by Choice Workbook, due out soon. But there are limits to what we can expect from that source. Grant applications are a so-far untapped resource that we hope to explore beginning this year — but grants are not easy to get and there is fierce competition for every dollar.

That leaves donations. Much of LifeRing’s income now comes from passing the basket at face-to-face meetings, and appeals to our on-line participants, but at this time of the year we also send out a request for direct donations to our members and supporters. Here’s the letter we sent out this year. Our mailing list is imperfect, so I hope you’ll read the letter here and consider a donation. Thank you!