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LifeRing in Ireland Celebrates First Year

By Dennis S., Dublin

LifeRing Ireland is celebrating its first year of existence in August of 2010. We accomplished much during this year period. What was done is extraordinary and much of the credit belongs to the meeting convenors and their tireless efforts.

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Hometown Paper Features New LifeRing CEO

The Peninsula Daily News in Washington State is running a feature story on Craig Whalley, the newly elected Executive Director of LifeRing. Craig recently sold the bookshop he bought 39 years ago in Port Angeles, and will be moving to Berkeley in a matter of days to concentrate on serving LifeRing. Read the story on the paper’s website here, or as a PDF here.

Message to LifeRing Canada members

Hey everyone,

We are gauging interest and presently thinking about initiating a weekly telephone and/or Skype meeting for people that do not have access to face-to-face meetings in Canada.

The telephone meetings are working well in the USA. Basically, a Convenor sets up the conference-call, then everyone dials in to a certain toll-free number, enters a code for the meeting and away you go. The participant has to pay the long distance charge, but that is pretty cheap these days.

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Letter from Canada

Michael Walsh, Executive Director of LifeRing Canada, writes:

We are a non-profit entity with a Board of Directors and are expecting to have charitable status this year. The website is being updated and will offer much more information about the board, LifeRing’s mandate in Canada and other neat gadgets before the end of the summer. […] The board is made up of a local Doctor/Addiction Specialist, two counselors/educators, a lawyer, CA, and two — soon to be three — LifeRing members.

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The 2010 LifeRing Expo/Congress in Denver


By Craig Whalley:

By Marty N in Convenor Blog:

By Charles D. from Austin TX on

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