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Spring/Summer LifeRing Newsletter Now Available

newsletterCarola Ziermann, editor, announces that the latest LifeRing Newsletter is hot off the press. See it Here. Featured are a number of articles about LifeRing’s Annual Conference which is coming up later this week. Other articles deal with LifeRing news about new meetings, dealings with other organizations, and how to donate.

Keeper of the Month

Lifering’s e-mail groups are active, thriving communities of people who use them as strong sources of sobriety support, and many members often post remarkably written sources of inspiration, hope and encouragement that many other group members call “Keepers” – posts that they save for themselves so they can go back and look at them as often as they like.

We here at LifeRing like sharing these posts, with the authors’ permission, on our Blog so that everyone can enjoy them as much as our group members do.

This month’s post, “Irreconcilable Differences”,  is contributed by group member Rich C.:

Alcohol:  Hey, sweetie, it’s been a while.  Have you missed me?  Did you get my messages, and my texts?

Me: I suppose I sort of missed you, but that’s not why I called.  I have news for you.

Alcohol: Can I come over?  Can you tell me in person?

Me:  Uh, not really.  I prefer that we keep our distance.  The news is that I want a divorce.

Alcohol:  A divorce?  What about our vows?

Me:  That’s just it.  I don’t even remember our wedding.  We were hanging out a lot, and next thing I know you’re wearing this ridiculously expensive ring, my bank account’s gone, and I have no recollection of anything.

Alcohol:  Well, darling, I do recall.  As you know, when we make love I do what I can to erase any memories of our intimacies, and other stuff.

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

[This post marks the debut of Bobbi Campbell, the new editor of the LifeRing Blog. She promises to bring much more energy and spirit to the Blog. Maybe now would be a good time to subscribe! — Craig Whalley, Editor Emeritus ]

Without a doubt, alcoholics abuse alcohol and tend to suffer numerous personal consequences for it – which all too often sadly includes hurting others, as well – but then again, so do so-called “normal” or “social” drinkers, many of whom have become convinced over the years that they can “handle their drink” in spite of evidence to the contrary.

The fact is, alcohol can be as dangerous a drug as any other regardless of it’s legality and social acceptance, and overindulgence or misuse by anyone very rarely if ever resembles one of those delightfully tranquil and life affirming Corona commercials. With alarming frequency, drinking can result in harm coming to the drinker and/or those they encounter.

We see and hear about alcohol-related stories every day, but how often do we consider the real toll alcohol takes on society? Perhaps we think we need no further reminders, but if we don’t, then why do the things listed in this World Health Organization report persist in occurring? And how much evidence of them happening over and over again is it going to take before everyone takes a step back and thinks about the situations they put themselves and others in when they drink?

After all, it’s all fun and games…until someone gets hurt.

LifeRing is Moving Up In The World


moving upLifeRing’s Oakland office, long located at suite 312, 1440 Broadway, is moving to another space in the same building this weekend. The new room, #400, is one floor higher than the old room. It’s a little smaller than the current office, so we will be leasing some storage space in the basement for some of the stuff that has accumulated over the past several years. We’re being kicked out, in a nice sort of way, by the building managers who have a tenant who wants the whole 3rd floor. The move promises to be challenging — among other things our complete stock of the three books LifeRing sells are kept in our office — dozens of 40+ pound boxes. And then there is the office furniture, file cabinets, work stations, etc. Anyone reading this is very welcome to drop by on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, (May 1-3) starting at 9 am and lasting until we poop out, to help. You probably should call first, if, that is,  the phones are connected — the number will stay the same, but it has to be transferred to the new space. That’s true for our Internet connection as well. If you can’t come to help, drop by and look at the new digs after we get settled in.

Overcoming an old taboo — let’s talk about suicide

Many recovering alcoholics or addicts may have a suicide attempt in their pasts, either while clean and sober or else while under the influence. In years past, it was considered taboo to have survivors talk about their attempts, for fear this might be a trigger. In fact, aside from talking, survivors often were shunned.

Now, the nation’s leading organization of counselors, the American Academy of Suicidology, thinks it’s time to change all of this. Other organizations are thinking the same, it seems:

“We as a field need to hear these stories,” said John Draper, director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, “and not just to study them but to ask how they found a way to cope and connect: What did family and friends and doctors do that helped, and what did not?”

Lifering is a volunteer-based organization, above all in its convenors of its meetings. We are not professional counselors. However, if you are in recovery, and have a suicide attempt as part of your past, we encourage you to work with a counselor who is aware of the latest professional discussion on counseling in this area. And, as always, we encourage you to do whatever works best for  you to maintain and strengthen your sobriety.