Eligibility Determination of Meeting Delegates

The LifeRing Annual Meeting and Congress is just around the corner. Sunday morning of the Annual Meeting, Congress will meet to decide on a final list of candidates to the LifeRing Board of Directors and any proposed bylaws changes. Ballots will then be emailed to all delegates within ten days after the end of Congress. Absentee voting will begin once you receive your ballot and will last 30 days. You can email back your ballot at any time during these 30 days. The voting guidelines are posted here.

For a delegate to be eligible to vote in the LifeRing absentee election, you must register with the Registrar of Voters (registrar@lifering.org). Please register early to avoid any complications.

Eligibility Determination for Delegates

  • The delegate needs to be a member of a LifeRing meeting (see definition of a LifeRing Meeting below*)
  • The Delegate must have 6 months of sobriety.
  • The Delegate is ideally selected democratically by the people who attend the meeting or appointed by the convenor, but if there is no preference or election, the convener may serve as the Delegate.
  • In order to vote in the Absentee Election, the Delegate must provide his or her full name, an email address where the eBallot is to be sent, and the basis for eligibility (which meeting are you representing) to the Registrar of Voter, registrar@lifering.org. You can also mail this information to the LifeRing Service Center. The mailing address is listed here.
  • You must register no less than 10 days prior to Congress.
  • Once you have been credentialed (verified that you are representing a valid LifeRing meeting), you will receive an email from the Registrar of Voter indicating you are eligible to vote.

*5.2.1. of the LifeRing Bylaws: A meeting is public for the purposes of these Bylaws if it convenes in a location accessible to the public and if its location, day, and time are posted in a manner likely to give a public notice. The term “location” shall also include an Internet address.
*5.2.2. of the LifeRing Bylaws: In order to be eligible to designate a delegate to represent the meeting at an Annual Congress and/or vote on behalf of the meeting, the meeting shall be listed with the Service Center forty-five (45) days prior to the Congress

For any questions, please email the LifeRing Voting Registrar at registrar@lifering.org.