Opening and Closing Statements

Most LifeRing meetings begin with the reading of an "Opening Statement." It serves, as the book "How Was Your Week" says, as "the spoken ritual that launches the meeting" It is intended to give, as briefly as possible, information about LifeRing's approach to recovery and how our meetings are conducted. It gives both a bit of guidance to brand new people who may have no idea what to expect at our meetings, and sets a tone for those who are already familiar with LifeRing. The original opening statement, from "How Was Your Week," is still the most popular version but meetings and their convenors are free to try their hands at variations. Here are several.

Examples of Opening Statements often do not include other important parts of the meeting format the convenor will want to add, such as announcements, meeting member introductions, a treasury report, guidelines for crosstalk, and a donation request. The convenor may also wish to be sure their Opening Statement includes a statement about confidentiality and/or anonymity; most of the Opening Statements here include a confidentiality statement.

The expanded version of the How Was Your Week Opening Statement presented below is a model for adding these elements, which can be applied to other Opening Statements.

Opening Statements

01 Expanded Opening Statement from HWYW

NOTE: Opening Statement from HWYW.pdf
02 Opening Statement

03 Opening Statement.pdf

NOTE: While some of this statement is outdated (LifeRing no longer uses the "Welcome to LifeRing" brochure), it contains a clear description of the 3 'S's, and a colorful description of the meeting format and crosstalk.  Convenors may wish to adapt or borrow from this Opening Statement.
04 Opening Statement-2pages.pdf

NOTE: Opening Statment from LifeRing Canada
05 Opening Statement.pdf

NOTE: Rather than creating a statement to cover all contingencies, the original intent of this statement was to shorten it considerably, and to create a template that could be built upon by groups with specific needs. Some will wish to add language regarding persons attending "under the influence", while others don't really need it. Some will delve deeper into feedback, advice, limited speaking time, etc., while others have no need. The hope is that we can provide a base for convenors to build upon to meet the specific audience of their meeting.
06 Opening Statement.pdf

NOTE: This is a good concise version of the Opening Statement.
07 Opening Statement.pdf

NOTE: This opening statement has a good description of the 3 Ss and the meeting format.
08 Opening Statement-2pages.pdf

NOTE: Download this slide deck and edit it to reflect your LifeRing meeting
PDF Slide Deck - Opening Message

PowerPoint Slide Deck - Opening Message

Closing Statements

This is a Closing Statement template adapted from Akron LifeRing.  In it, one of our typical Closing Statements is adapted to incorporate language more inclusive of people in varying stages of recovery and to include information about additional LifeRing resources, the meeting's contact person, and other available meetings.