Convenor Support

Conveners - Contact Information for the Regional Representative in your area

We encourage you to sign up for the LifeRing Convenor's email group.

  • LifeRing-Convenors is an online community for current LifeRing convenors -- meeting starters, meeting facilitators, organizational support people -- and those who have been or are considering becoming LifeRing convenors. This forum is private (unlisted) and only members of the group can post messages here.
  • Send your email address to and you will be sent an invite to join the Convenor's email group.

Books and Pamphlets

For new convenors, here is the information about purchasing a "Starter Kit".

It is suggested that the following books be available for purchase at all LifeRing Meetings. Pamphlets should be available for handouts.

  • Empowering Your Sober Self
  • Recovery by Choice
  • How Was Your Week
  • Humanly Possible
  • "Empowering Your Sober Self" (EYSS) pamphlets
  • Free shipping in the US.

Book, pamphlets, and supplies can be purchased here.