Draft of Proposed Bylaw Changes is Offered for Study

A committee of LifeRing members has produced a draft of proposed bylaw amendments that would move LifeRing in the direction of greater democracy. Presently, delegates to our Annual Meeting must be present to vote on bylaw changes and Board of Director candidates. This made sense when the great majority of meetings were in the San Francisco Bay Area. But now LifeRing has grown and there are dozens of meetings outside the Bay Area, including foreign countries,  and those people often find the travel and lodging to be prohibitively expensive.

Each LifeRing meeting is entitled to select one voting delegate to the Annual Meeting — anyone can attend, but only delegates get to vote.

Jeff K., a convenor from Livermore, CA, has been working with a committee to deal with this problem. Click HERE to read the document. The idea is to allow delegates to vote on certain issues without physically attending the Annual Meeting. As with all organizational matters, this can seem arcane and complicated, but it’s very important for the future of LifeRing.