LifeRing Events

  • KFJC Radio Interview with LifeRing Board Member Mary Beth O'Connor and Women for Sobriety President/CEO Adrienne Miller
    August 9, 2021 @ 6:00pm Pacific -- KFJC 89.7FM radio Thoughtline interview with LifeRing Secular Recovery board member and She Recovers Foundation board member at large Mary Beth O'Connor; and Women For Sobriety President/CEO Adrienne Miller. The focus was on the importance of secular recovery options for women and the growing number of people searching for a self-directed recovery pathways. The questions were more specific to WFS and She Recovers, but there is a strong connection between all three in our goals to promote choice for all people seeking Substance Use Disorder peer support groups. Overall, this is a great overview of the importance of secular recovery in the SUD support ecosystem. Pass this along to friends and family members who are interested in understanding the value of secular recovery choices for peer-to-peer support in a faith-based dominated landscape. Interview starts at 0.57.
  • From Junkie To Judge
    LifeRing Board Member Mary Beth O'Connor shared her story on the Sunday Edition: The Only One in the Room podcast on July 11th. Her personal saga of how she transitioned from junkie to judge can provide hope and guidance in this time of increasing secularity and with the streets again flooded with meth.
  • From Meth Addict to Judge
    On July 5th, LifeRing Board Member Mary Beth O'Connor was interviewed by Betsy Byler on her podcast All Things Substance. Mary Beth shared  her personal story including her battle with meth and the influence of LifeRing and multiple paths on her recovery.