Fall Fundraiser: Give the Gift of Choice in Recovery!


Dear LifeRing Friends,
North America has recently been hit with a rash of natural disasters. First we had Hurricane Harvey along the Gulf coast near Houston, then Hurricane Irma in South Florida, followed by the earthquake in Mexico, and Hurricane Maria, which has devastated Puerto Rico.
I suspect many (if not most) of us have dug into our pockets and donated to organizations to help those in need, and I urge you to please continue to do so. Bear in mind, however, that there are millions of Americans and perhaps even billions of folks worldwide who are drowning in alcohol or drugs and need a helping hand. There are those who still need to be pulled from the rubble of their lives, as we’ve seen with the earthquake victims in Mexico. And there are those of us who are like the poor folks of Puerto Rico and have seemingly lost power.
In our case we have seemingly lost the power of choice when it comes to using and drinking. Sure, our disasters are of our own making, but we still end up sort of like those folks sitting on a rooftop with flooded streets all around, desperately needing assistance.
LifeRing’s approach resonates with many who have struggled with the traditional 12-step approach to recovery, and there is ample evidence that we save lives. We are trying very hard to grow this organization in order to save even more. We have several hundred active meetings in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Ireland, the U.K., and Sweden, among other countries, but we need more. In order to let more people know about LifeRing, we have to spend money mailing free books and brochures to treatment centers, sending free books out to new meetings to help them get started, and so forth. Last year, we sent a lot of free books to a prison in California, where one enterprising inmate had formed a new LifeRing meeting, and now there are several additional meetings that have formed in the California Correctional System with the help of more free books.
Of course, all of this costs money, which is why we’re reaching out today and having a Fall campaign. Almost all the work that is done for LifeRing is done by volunteers with the exception of one part time administrator, so we are asking you to reach in your pocketbooks and see if there isn’t something you can do, now, to help bring choice in recovery to more people. We know for a fact that there are thousands in recovery right now who have benefited from LifeRing’s approach, and we want to increase that number.  
Some folks tell us that nothing else worked until they found us, read our literature, and attended our online or face-to-face meetings. Had we not diligently made our books and tools available, often for free, there are people alive today who would most certainly would have drowned, or been buried in the rubble, and I suspect that is the case for nearly everyone who will receive this appeal.
Please click on the Donate button below, and give generously. We believe we are very close to a tipping point, because wherever we spread, more and more meetings tend to sprout up. People get sober at such meetings who have failed repeatedly with traditional approaches.
Please, give the gift of choice in recovery!

Richard Campbell, LifeRing Fundraising Chair