Many LifeRing resources for convenors are available online.  For example:

  • Meeting Signup Sheet
  • A list of Opening and Closing Statements
  • Meeting Attendance Verification Form
  • Spreadsheet for keeping track of donations and book sales .xls (Excel) or .ods (OpenOffice)
  • Sample LifeRing flyers to advertise new meetings (see below).
  • Directional signs and door signs for your meeting needs (see below).
  • Download LifeRing Stationery
  • LifeRing Logo Artwork (see below).
  • Crisis Resources List for Convenors. Download PDF
  • Ideas for Meeting Discussion Topics
  • One final resource you should take advantage of is the LifeRing Convenor Yahoo email group. This is a place where new and experienced conveners get together and discuss the convening experience. Questions can be asked, problems and challenges discussed, and possible solutions and best practices exchanged. Sign up here. You can set the group to send you individual emails, digests of daily emails, or to receive only important notification emails so that you can log in and check for messages at your leisure. Contact Craig W. cswhalley@lifering.org for more information.

Important LifeRing documents:


Flyers - please click on the link to download

Word Word Word Word Word

Prefabricated basic flyers that can be customized as needed.

Door Signs - please click on the link to download

Word Word Word Word Word Word

These Word documents can be customized, as necessary, with additional information.

LifeRing approved graphic logo

.png image Download Here



.png image Download Here


Legal notice:

The logos are registered trademarks/service marks of LifeRing Inc. Their use is under license from LifeRing Inc. and is subject to revocation for misuse. Logos may not be used decoratively (as a pattern) or functionally (as website buttons). If in doubt about proper usage, consult the LifeRing Service Center