Convenor Support

The Convenor's Home Base

The convenor's home base is the LifeRing Service Center.
LifeRing Service Center
Toll-Free 1 800 811 4142

Convenor Buying and Payment Options

All meetings are urged to have a copy of Empower Your Sober Self, Recovery by Choice and a packet of the "Welcome to LifeRing" brochure. When possible, Meeting Money (see below) should be collected at your meetings and, after paying for meeting expenses, be sent into LifeRing on a periodic, but regular, basis.

Book Deals for Convenors (New convenors please see Starter Kits below)

LifeRing convenors can request a $5 discount on each of the books we offer. These include:

  • Empower Your Sober Self
  • Recover by Choice
  • How Was Your Week

This is in addition to free shipping in the US.

Email publisher@lifering.org to place an order.

Payment upon receipt of invoice within 30 days.  Please pay here: Payment link.

LifeRing Brochures

As a Convenor, you may request the free "Welcome to LifeRing" brochure package in bundles of 50 each. Free shipping is included.

Email, publisher@lifering.org, to place an order.

The other six brochures can be brought at the LifeRing Bookstore: www.lifering/bookstore/brochures. You can also download and/or print any of the seven brochures in the LifeRing collection by going to www.lifering/bookstore/brochures, choosing a brochure, and then clicking on the PDF link to the right of the brochure image.

Payment upon receipt of invoice within 30 days.  Payment link.

Meeting Money

As with any nonprofit organization, money is key to the life of an organization. The same is true for LifeRing. Three different money streams go into the LifeRing coffers:

  • Donations
  • Book Sales
  • Meeting Money

Like a three-legged stool, remove one leg, the stool will collapse. So too with LifeRing, remove one of these money streams and the organization will greatly suffer. The Convenor is key to providing the third leg of the stool. It is up to you, the Convenor, to "pass the hat" and ask your fellow members in recovery to put in a dollar or two after every meeting.  Just remind them of all the money they're saving by not drinking or using and it will become apparent to all, that what money is being given is being put to a much wiser use.

Keep track of the money, or better yet, appoint someone in your group to provide this function. After all meeting expenses are paid for, please send in any additional money on a periodic, but regular, basis.

This Meeting Money will provide some of the much-needed funds to help LifeRing grow and develop as a player in the recovery community.

More information about meeting money is in How Was Your Week?, Chapter 6.

Please send in your Meeting Money here: Payment link.

Starter Kit

Once you have provided the Service Center with your meeting information, you will be able to purchase a Meeting Starter Kit for $50.00 which will contain the following books and brochures:

Shipping is free.

Email publisher@lifering.org to place an order.

Other items that can be included in the starter kit, if requested:

  • "Welcome to LifeRing" brochures (in packs of 50 ea.) - Free
  • Our other brochures at $.16 ea. 
  • A LifeRing rubber stamp for stamping attendance slips $25.00 (purchase link).

Because the Starter Kit cost us money, we ask that you pay for the cost of these materials. You can make arrangements with publisher@lifering.org to pay for these items over time if needed. An invoice for the cost of the Meeting Starter Kit will be provided once the items are shipped. Payment methods are here: Payment link.

What else may I need for a meeting

  • Box or briefcase. If your meeting space provider allows you to store stuff at the meeting site between meetings, you'll want a box.   If the provider won't let you store things at the meeting place, you'll need a briefcase or some other way to carry things back and forth.
  • Signup Sheet (optional).  Some convenors like to maintain an email/telephone list of their group attendees. This can be downloaded here.
  • A few file folders: one for blank signup sheets, one for filled signup sheets, one for the opening statement, one for spare leaflets and miscellaneous. Some rubber bands will be useful to keep the bundles of handouts together.
  • Clipboard. To circulate the signup sheet.
  • Pen or pencil. For the signup sheet.
  • Collection basket. Almost anything will work in a pinch, but a nice collection basket can be bought cheaply from import stores or from many variety stores.
  • Money book. Some little notebook to record and add up the weekly basket collection amounts. It needn't be fancy.  You need to track basket money and book money separately.
  • Envelopes.  For holding the money that you collect in the basket. Write the date and the amount on the outside of each. That way you won't mix meeting money up with your own money.   When it comes time to send the surplus to the Service Center, you can put the meeting money together with your own money and write a personal check for the meeting money to LifeRing and mail it to the Service Center.
  • Sheet Protectors. For the opening statement, the door sign, and any direction signs you may post.
  • Surgical Tape. Neater than masking tape and reusable many times, for posting door and directional signs indoors. Available at any drugstore. Avoid regular Scotch tape, it's messy.
  • Coffee pot ... oops, almost forgot a coffee pot. Actually, most of our meetings don't serve coffee. No big reason, they just don't. Just think how big an organization we would be if we served coffee and cookies ...