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How LifeRing Works — the Long Version. Full day (six hours) in service training for members of CAADAC, Sept. 19, 2009 by Martin Nicolaus.200 PowerPoint slides Download (7.5 MB

Choice of Support Groups:  It’s the Law Referral Practice in the Aftermath of Inouye v. Kemna. This concerns a Dec. 2007 federal court decision affirming that a treatment professional in a government role can be sued for monetary damages for coercing a client into a 12-step program over the client’s religious objections. There are three options for this content:  

  • PowerPoint presentation at 2008 CAADAC conference, below. Big file, takes a while to load. When it shows, click to advance slides. No audio. Download Here.
  • Article in Counselor, the Magazine for Addiction Professionals. PDF download.
  • LifeRing brochure “Choice in Recovery: It’s the Law”  PDF download.

LifeRing Press books:

Empowering Your Sober Self
: The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery.  The one book to read if you’re reading only one.

Recovery by Choice:  Living and Enjoying Life Free of Alcohol and Drugs, a Workbook.  Helps clients build their Personal Recovery Programs in a structured way.

How Was Your Week?  Bringing People Together in Recovery the LifeRing Way.  A handbook for meeting facilitators, it may also be of interest to treatment professionals.

Trade Publications

Styles of Secular Recovery,” by William L. White and Martin Nicolaus, Counselor Magazine, Aug. 05.  Discussion of secular recovery concepts, with the focus on Lifering.

Bridging the Gap” by John Salter, Counselor Magazine, April 05.  Research shows that the 12-step approach helps only a minority of alcoholics, but more than 90 per cent of treatment facilities offer the 12-step approach exclusively. Refers to LifeRing as a secular option.

Professional References

Letters of reference for LifeRing from managers of some treatment programs with LifeRing meetings onsite:


LifeRing participants: who are they?

2005 LifeRing Survey
2013 LifeRing Survey


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