Volunteer Committees

As long as you are sober and have a desire to continue on the path of sobriety, you are welcome to join one of these committees to help spread the LifeRing message.

Standing Committees - permanent committees.

  • Finance Committee - All things related to money including budgeting, oversite, P&L, etc…
  • Marketing Committee - Public relations, branding, advertising, SEO, fundraising, and grants.
  • Communications Committee - Enhance communication with the convenors, volunteers, donors, LifeRing friends, and the general recovery community including professionals. This includes the website blog, quarterly newsletters, and PSA’s to the general public.
  • Meeting Committee - All things related to new or existing and online meetings.


PopUp Committees - committees that meet for a period of time to address a specific topic.




For questions or if you wish to volunteer, please email service@lifering.org.